Victoria’s Great Leap Forward = Clown world

Climate Change Protest footage from 30.07.22.

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First time with a green screen in this video. Yes, I know, I need better lights and such.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. If socialists were actually about empowering people, they'd demand that the solar program invest in home based solar systems, with panels on every roof, and batteries in every garage.

  2. Everyone will be so much healthier when we go all electric cars because we will be walking everywhere.
    if only we could tap the gas coming from these protesters

  3. How big a solar field do you need to smelt aluminum, and when the sun dont shine how many wind generators? and when the wind dont blow how many batteries?

    Dont worry we will just get our aluminum form another country.

  4. Tesla share price jumped $200+ in one week & dose not look like slowing down . Why are the powers that be so down on clean energy ? We are in transition & it will take a while . I have asked dozens of Tesla owners if they are happy , still waiting for negative feedback. God bless President Putin & President Trump. Thorium is the solution.

  5. Yeah they have the elderly here brain washed too. The elderly has the highest turn out of voters. The government doesn't tell them about the cost, strip mining requirements around the world for the mass materials needed. Then just to overhaul cities to accommodate such usage. The government and banks will do everything possible to avoid mass transit, each vehicle is a cash cow, taxes to use roads and tabs, parts,insurance, and most of all loan interest which generates money out of thin air. Yes it creates jobs but at the cost mother earth. By the time this plan is even 20% achieved all the elderly that voted for this plan will have passed on, leave disappointment behind them for the great grand families. The fantasy of this is great the reality to much cost with no real payoff for the long term. Mass transit should be our goal yeah your going to have to talk to eachother look at eachother.

  6. I must have missed the demonising of gas! By the way Arrow you can't use their system of BS to argue against them. The Solar and Wind farm idea is ludicrous, but it is all about centralised control. You couldn't give each home control of it's own power, people would be self sufficient.

  7. I'd like to add that these people are so stupid I have lost the ability to have compassion for them. I'd just like a nice UFO to beam up and take me to a planet where intelligence prevails, leaving behind the wackos to drive themselves back into the stone age.

  8. I think that most of the people protesting are fully indoctrinated, they might need psychiatric help the deprogram their screwed up vision and ideology of the world and they will have a rood awakening when they are confronted with the actual facts and costs. Presumably they all want to socialists because a socialist is someone who lives on other peoples' money – that is enslaving others to work for their lifestyle.

  9. Geez, those woman protesters are loud….where are all the men? Is this a woman led thing? Is this why the world has gone mad? Who put the woman in the driver's seat huh? A bunch of pms,ing activists had a bigger turnout than the freedom movement, the Daniel /Bandt coalition is definitely getting another term.

  10. Unless all the creators work together…it will only get easier.
    Most of you will never meet even for a coffee one useless text after one useless email.
    All under surveilance.
    Ive seen it at demonstrations talked to musicians youtube creators…a few hits and become snobs.
    This is a grass roots thing with real flesh blood emotion voices mood pheromones adrenal passion or its over 100% no question.
    It's not about likes or subs.

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