Victoria’s lockdowns were a blatant violation of human rights | Alan Jones

‘Victorians realised they were on their own. The establishment, police, politicians and the media were silent.’

Alan Jones reflects on Victoria’s horrifying lockdowns.

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  1. Good. Now cover what all the other states did, including NSW, and how the federal govt and the dodgy national cabinet seemed to be a mechanism to encourage the mistreatment of Australians by govt. At every level.

  2. At the time., YOU were silent too and all of Sky was calling anyone protesting as “lunatics and rat bags and Nazis and conspiracy theorists and anti vaxers and and and and.
    YOU did nothing ., it took Sky 18 months to start to criticise Andrews..
    Go watch “Battleground Melbourne “.., refresh’s your memory., I don’t have to refresh mine., I was one of the”rat bags”!

  3. It was the scariest period in our history to have witnessed how our government turned on us and how they managed to divide us…Our unvaxed family held out for 2 years in fear of the stupidity of the masses and our government , and now that these gene treatments are proven to be neither safe nor effective, our medias are not exposing the massive fraud, and worse people still buy into the narrative.

  4. It's alright to blame the politicians and the police hierarchy for these crimes but the police themselves acted like complete thugs, all they lacked were the brown shirts. The police officers themselves need to have a long hard look in the mirror and ask if the job has really brutalised them to this extent and if it has then they need to get out of the force.

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