Victoria’s Missing 4000 ICU Beds

#Health #AusPOL #HeiseSays
Victoria was planning an additional 4000 ICU beds, at least they were last year.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. He forgot his own lies, I guess he just micromanages everything and the 4000 beds were put on the backburner, now they panic .Mr Heise. I am prepared to go under oath and explain how I contacted the main hospital in Victoria back in 2020 when the virus was first circulating and asked if they were ramping u ICU capacity in anticipation of this virus spreading and causing death etc. The person in charge (withheld here) was very very confident they had no plans to build a army style field hospital etc. The current policy response is solely because the Health Union and other Health "experts" were inadequate and protecting their collective backsides.

  2. …because they knew they didn't need them. Even with the longer ICU times the new vaccine resistant cases seem to need, the numbers are low and they can manage with lessor wards for most hospitalized cases.

  3. Research Professor Thomas Borody, Australian Scientist who suggested a Triple Therapy Protocol for C19 early 2020. Ignored by Medical Authorities and the government. Neither wanted a cheap and effective treatment. However knowledge of this treatment probably gave them confidence to not increase health spending as if it gets too bad they could just use it to solve the problem as they did recently in Bangladesh. They needed the illness and deaths to drive the agenda.

  4. Separate private rooms is a bane to the nurses they don't like them at all. Instead of treating say 4 patients checking charts etc with people a few meters apart they have to go from room to room individually. This means they are far less efficient and the standard of care drops. The nurse across the road uses a pedometer and was moved across to the new Fiona Stanley hospital where she calculated some shifts she was walking 7km. A lot of time is wasted basically walking around. Like Thomas Sowell states good intentions don't necessarily lead to good outcomes.

  5. Even if they built them they wouldn't staff them. We have an entire hospital like that here. All pretty and new with just enough staff to watch the dying drop dead. My friend with pain in her leg after getting her shots, can't get in at the hospital. Got an emergency, they fly you out. Another friend gave birth flying because there are no maternity staff here. Dan isn't going to fund doctors and nurses any more than they do here in outback NSW.

  6. They’re running out of nurses anyway, my wife and nurse has changed jobs to contact tracing. Way better money and you have to be at least a nurse to ask laid out questions. I know of 4 nurses that went contact tracing

  7. I smell shiite! Definitely shiite. It was nothing more than grandiose fear mongering. In 2019 over 4000 people died from the flu in Australia, for the last 50 years, over 1000 died every year and most years hospitals were over run. This happened in many countries. BUT, because the MSM did not report, or should I say, propagandize it, no one was any the wiser and the world went on as if nothing happened.

  8. Five of Orwell's worst nightmares have come true.

    1. We have been dumbed down by the Public Education System.

    2. We have been indoctrinated by the Corporate owned mass media.

    3. We have been socially engineered by Hollywood movies, pop culture music and TV programming.

    4. We have been drugged, brainwashed and robbed by Big Pharma and the National Healthcare racket.

    5. We have been tricked into thinking that Western Society is a democracy, not knowing it's a Corporate Oligarchy.

  9. Weren't there supposed to be something like 35,000 brand new ventilators purchased kept "on-the-ready"? (Not just in Victoria though).
    I heard this right at the beginning of the 'pandemic'
    Whatever happened to those?

  10. Covid is a. Animal. Virus
    Humans and. Animals. Share by. Creation. A. Organic. Body
    Both. Are. Organic
    How many. Animals. Have. Covid 19 or. Mutation and. Died
    Both. Infect. Each. Other .

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    Vegetarian. Have. Cures. For. Fungus , viruses, cancers injury. Cures.
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    Why are. Doctors. Seperating. Man. From. Beast. As. Both. Eat. Meat. , Vegitable , fruits ,
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    Humans. Injected. With. Virus. Infect. All. Living organic. Living. Body's .

    We. Hear. Nothing. Of. Environmental. Death. From. Virus. Mutations. Or. Cures .

    Veterinarian. Have. Cures. For. Fungus , viruses, illness , cancers. In. Animal. Organic. But. Western. Doctors. Can not. With. Chemical. Thinking. We are. Different.

  11. If Scott Morrison had not procrastinated in ordering enough vaccines , and Gladys Berejiklian had not procrastinated on locking down in Sydney and letting the virus get out of control, we wouldn't be in this predicament, but it's all Dan's fault.

  12. Another question, normally with no scam demic, how many icu beds are used every year , I saw a report from America that icu beds there are at about 70% with normal use , I am going to say , with a real pandemic like they are claiming those beds should be not enough but only 12% were Covid ,

  13. why the fuck does an "intensive care" unit room need a tv?
    in case they are dying of an intensive need to watch the sports?
    and the visitors chair? fuck off, no visitors allowed in "intensive care", where doctors are running around like mad struggling to save you from immediate impending death.
    i think someone is messing with the definition of "intensive care" in order to get more funding.
    recovery rooms have space for luxuries, not care any type of care rooms.

  14. We have a ARMY NAVY AND AIR FORCE > they have filed hospitals.> we can cope.
    What we cant cope with, is constant lockdowns, bec a few 90 yr olds carked it.
    this is INSANE