VICTORY For Brexiteers As EU Surrenders On Irish Border

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VICTORY For Brexiteers As EU Surrenders On Irish Border

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Yeah whatever, get it in writing !!!! With reference to David (first question). Come on give the man a chance, he's going through britex, covid and leftie marches all over the place!

  2. Boris needs to Stop acting like a GLOBALIST. Why does he support Brexit yet then gives away 350M Quid to the WHO and conduct DUMB Lock Downs which is costing the Nation its Economy. Get people back to works and stop taking orders from the WHO. There seems to be some discrepancy with WHO, UN and Illegal Immigration and this needs Whipped into Shape ASAP.
    RE- EU?? This continual Back Flipping is Psychological Warfare and must Stop. UK should NOT Trust the EU with its Deception.

  3. Remember the Eu are not given us anything here, their threats were empty. Please don’t fall into the trap
    that they have given us something so we have to reciprocate. It’s a tactic used in negotiation dream up
    a ridiculous threat hold onto it and at the 11 hour give it up as a tactic expecting something in return.
    Empty gestures of meaningless posturing.

  4. More shite from the idiot Mahyar Tousi. The EU are not desperate for a deal. If there is no deal, the UK would lose so much more. The EU have not backed down at all; the UK will have to maintain all its current standards.

  5. Threats to take away the UK toys! The UK tells the teacher and now everyone will play nicely for the next 5 minutes until the EU once again tries to steal N.Ireland or the UK's fish! FFS it really is like the EU and UK is run by f*cking primary school rejests!

  6. Mahyar, you might want to know that Labour adverts are playing on your video. I was just forced to listen to Starmer say how proud to be British he was, with no option to skip. I wonder if Labour are targetting your channel?

  7. As others have inferred, the EU can be trusted as far as they can be thrown. Keep the Internal Markets bill in place as a safeguard. Stick to regaining full control of our fisheries, no jurisdiction under the ECJ, no free movement, retain control over our state aid rules, no signing up to the level playing field. No signing up to a European army or defence deal. Then rip up the WA. Feck ‘em.

  8. Did they have any choice? Next they'll expect favours for backing down. The vermin are running out of time, they have nothing after 9 months of bs, l can't think why but maybe here's a clue: Sovereignty means Sovereignty.