Video: Biden Predicted Ukraine War In 1997!

Recent footage has surfaced of Joe Biden from 1997 discussing the very real dangers of NATO’s eastward expansion to include the Baltic States and how Russia would respond. Biden went on to mock the notion that the then-weak Russia might turn to China to form a bloc to compete with the US-led NATO. What a difference 25 years can make…

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss Biden and his fellow Democrats’ inability and unwillingness to heed his concerns.

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  1. I love Aaron Maté's analysis like 99% of the time. But I think he is wrong in his belief of the inviolability and primacy of the UN and international law, things the US flouts all the time. These two things are not exempt from the dialectic process. Yes, the UN and international law are good things, but it's utopian to think that there aren't forces aiming to weaponize these institutions against their enemies.

    To be more specific, Aaron has covered extensively how the OPCW covered up false flag chemical attacks in Syria, even after whistleblowers uncovered the truth. How is Russia supposed to trust this body when it was there in Syria and it now alleges that bioweapon labs (and nuke development according to FSB) exist.

    And can I ask the existential question: If Zelensky successfully exited Post-Soviet nuclear-arm treaties and was toppled (or even coerced, since he is weak) by radical elements in his government, we want to tolerate a potentially nuke-armed Banderite Nazi regime?

  2. Their lies are being exposed. New World Order is being exposed .. false flags Pysop fiat currency taxes by theft endless Wars . massive inflation . People are watching .

  3. Does Jimmy Dore or this guy from the grey zone identify as leftists?

    I feel like they are liberal not leftists.

    Liberals are far more reasonable and rational than leftists.

  4. I think the one who surprised me so much I was ill, was Jon Stewart. His podcast with 2 others shills saying Zelensky is a hero, the next Churchill, fighting off the evil Russian empire single handedly. Totally ignoring he's a US puppet installed by a violent coup led by NEO-NAZIS who have been killing their own people for 8 years. I didn't know if it was Jon I was watching or CNN's Fake Tapper. WTF happened to that guy, did Apple+ remove his brains & balls just so he could have a TV show again? So sad.

  5. Biden, in the clip, is not warning against putting Russia into a corner. He is getting excited about it. He knows exactly what the consequences will be but he thinks he can profit from it.

  6. There's a little issue with this line of NATO "promising" not to expand when Germany was unified: there has been no official signed treaty affirming this. The original treaty for unifying Germany was explicitly only for Germany. NATO membership of other states was never even mentioned in it. There have even been a couple of cases of Russia HELPING certain countries join NATO since then.

    This "promise" was never more than a very informal verbal discussion, which holds no actual weight.

  7. Trump stopped NATO expansion and demanded countries like Germany Poland France and Denmark pay their fair share. The reason Putin invaded Crimea in 2014, then was curiously quite throughout the trump admin, is because Trump wasn't expanding NATO.

  8. 4:55 – are you kidding??? You think the country has become "right wing???" Where? How?? Obama started 2 new wars, Trump started 0 new wars, and now Biden (a leftist) is stoking another war. How, in any objective sense, is Biden's actions "right wing?"

  9. Another criminal, who’s father and grandfather were also criminals, was John McCain. Some of the first to find out were Vietnam vets. But, the masses are asses and had no clue

  10. Aaron should at least know how many countries are currently in NATO.

    In 1949, at the beginning of NATO, there were 12 nation-states: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the U.S. 

    Greece and Turkey joined in 1952. 

    Germany joined in 1955. 

    Spain joined in 1982.

    The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland joined in 1999. 

    Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined in 2004. 

    Albania and Croatia joined in 2009.

    Montenegro joined in 2017.

    North Macedonia joined in 2020.

    That means there are now 30 NATO countries, and it looks like both Sweden and Finland may be given permission to join this year. We informally told Gorbachev in 1991–his final year in office–that we would not expand in part because the 7 newly-free Warsaw Pact nations and the new 14 former and newly-free Soviet republics could have been seen by Russia as massively threatening. Nonetheless, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama, and Trump all reneged on that agreement, as shown above by country name and year of joining. This reality–though in no way a justification for Putin's cruelty today–must be factored into analytical calculations of "what led up to this."

  11. Venezuela should kick Americans off because after a while Americans might change their Govt or dump them off once again. American Govt is like a snake, highly toxic yet could be neutralized.

    Viele Grüße
    Dr. L

  12. I don't agree with Aaron on this choice of words against Putin, criminal and illegal. If yes, how would one defend their rights, interests and security? Also, I wonder if Biden really predicted then or secretly plotting behind the scenes?

    Note that Aaron or Jimmy didn't mention about the Atlantic Council in this video. They are war criminals, rogues and many deserve to get capital punishment.

    Viele Grüße
    Dr. L

  13. America stands for freedom. Every country should be able to decide how it will defend itself, forming and joining any alliance as they please. Jimmy and everyone else who believes Russia has the final say with other sovereign nations is doing a huge disservice to American values, our allies, and to peace around the world.

  14. 4:35 Hey Aaron….many on the conservative right have been saying these things for years.
    This is not left-right, it is the globalist, collectivist, establishment VS the people.
    Ukraine is those bastards VS the socialist, nationalists. (Russia, China)

  15. The irony of a Democrat Administration doing something stupider than the Bush/Halliburton Administration?
    This will provide Bannon more potential Cannon Fodder before the next election…..
    Wall Street Goes to war, just like Napoleon, and ends up with a dead army from Moscow to the German line, with all their loot lost in the snow……
    Germany understands what attacking Russia will do to you……

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