Video: Bill Gates Laughs At Punishing the Unvaccinated

During an August 2021 appearance with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, mega-billionaire Bill Gates was asked whether Americans who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID should not receive their Social Security checks. His response was telling, to say the least.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Gates’ sociopathic response to the question.

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  1. Cooper is such a tool. Keep throwing those softballs .

    Bill Gates doesn't have any medical degree , isn't a biostatician , he's just filthy rich and wants to buy influence. The only reason he gets a platform is because he bought the platform.

  2. Bill controls the u think with media control
    Now he want it illegal for u to use ur own immune system as defence

    Criminal crime to think for ur self and to relay on immune system for defence today this is mad

  3. Just wait for about 2 years after the last COVID-19 death and watch how they treat the unvaccinated. Team "following the science" will be engaged in the worst anti-science you have ever seen.

  4. Operation Mockingbird was never shutdown. Anderson cooper is proof of that. May as well call it the CIA News Network. It's so obvious. The CIA is not answerable to congress and the American people. They are mercenaries for the banking elite who own everything. They are all in cahoots. Bill Gates is just a footsoldier for the banking elite. Talk about "collusion".

  5. Every television and other appearances by Gates, Fauci, and others should come with a disclaimer prior to and during the interviews, proclaiming any potential conflicts of interest, including their investments, royalty payments, etc. This is the standard in any medical lecturers given to physicians and other medical providers (any lecturer has to disclose potential conflicts of interest regarding the subject matter they are speaking about).

  6. Thank you K Metzger for pointing out the obvious that we should hear the oral answer Gates gave, not just hate on his facial expression like Jimmy evidently thought was fair. Gates did not in any way endorse Cooper’s weird, dystopian vision.

  7. I think Dore has finally taken pause about the harm he's causing. Yes, big pharma is corrupt and no doubt Fauci works with the people who are going to produce the vaccine and whose main interest is profit. And sure the taxpayer pays for the research while Big Pharma rakes it in. But this has been going on ever since the creation of the various federal regulatory arms which have morphed into the CDC and that has been more than a 100 years ago. Jimmy hasn't been thinking left for more than 10 years and by his own admission is ignornat and doesn't like to read. With his platform he should be more careful not to kill people if only because the morality of it obviously wears on him. He's no natural born baby killer like a Biden, or Pompeo, Bolton, or Elliott Abrams etc.

  8. Gates already said he makes more money in Asia.

    Oligarchs make more money in China and India. They don't need Americans anymore (except to be cops, soldiers, judges, politicians).

  9. If i would see how all of this works on my bank account i would have an orgasm too. He is smiling because he knows what is really going on and can't believe how willingly people follow the narrative and come up with the stupidest ideas he never thought about in the first place. If i only read the headline i need to vomit.

  10. Anyone remember Chris Kattan's impression of Gates on SNL back in the 90's? He pegged him as a spergy, sadistic megalomaniac. At the time I thought it was sophomoric and over the top, but in hindsight HE WAS ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON!!

  11. The Democrats will flip the narrative this upcoming year. They know lockdowns are a losing issue when it comes to voters, and will "end" the pandemic by claiming it's an endemic, and brag about how their policies solved the issue. Of course the cultists will eat this shit up.

  12. Ah, Jimmy, you disingenuous fool. Gates is laughing at the false equivalency between getting on an airplane with a couple of hundred other people and receiving a sum of money electronically straight into your bank account. He's laughing at the absurdity of Cooper's question. Your 'anal-ysis' makes you sound stupid and desperate. Even your guest looks like he's thinking I've got to start distancing myself from this guy.

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