VIDEO: Democrat Impeachment Managers lay out case to impeach fellow Democrats.

Written by AceSix4


  1. The behavior of these politicians really illustrates just how hopelessly brainwashed they believe Americans to be. Anyone with an IQ over room temperature sees the GLARING hypocrisy.  

    I don't know how they can even do it personally. I'd feel reprehensible just saying this shit as if it should be taken seriously. It takes human sludge to be a leftist politician

  2. Is this the Kamala Harris who started her political career by having an illicit affair with a married Willie Brown an ex-mayor of San Francisco? She is a person of low virtue or ethics, a true politician.

  3. I don't even want to wait for March 5th. I want to go at it right now. Commies v Patriots, Round 1. Commie Metropolitan Cities Power Grids/Transformer Stations, Commie Bridges into Waterlocked Cities, Commie Cellphone Towers/Wifi, Commie Internet Trunks. Stop delivering 18 wheeler loads to Commies. We could make all US Congress and POTUS resign within 3 days.

  4. Only clip that I can think of at the moment that would have been great to add is Maxine Waters telling people to harass and get in the face of politicians. Though really there's probably too many clips to put in and still have the video be a manageable length of time.

  5. …uniparty=racketeers, many so-called republicans are a part of this organization. for the most part, political affiliation is a kabuki charade to
    facilitate the commoditization of the public interest for their group interest. trump exposed them.

  6. As far as I am concerned, ALL Republicans, and ALL Democrats are CCP Agents now.
    There is NO America now as Long as Beijing Biden the CCP Fake puppet president sits in the White House.

  7. Just shows how how important it is to be in control of the narrative, to be in control of MSM, what side of the story people are allowed to hear about. Its the most powerful weapon there is.