Video Evidence Of GA Ballot Stuffing Drops, Observers Sign SWORN Affidavits, This Is MASSIVE

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  1. Like they said they debunked pizzagate….no they censored and cancelled LIZ CONKLIN……

    Russiagate is real but it wasnt trump
    Obamagate is real but wasnt
    Ukraine is real but wasnt trump
    Voter fraud is real and no it's not trump and his supporters…ALINSKY 101 they accuse their opponents of exactly what they are doing to cause confusion when the truth comes out.

  2. This is being debunked by so called fact checkers and hailed as fake news in the MSM even though the video clearly shows a box of ballots taken from under the table… am i going mad, how is such obvious fakery going unpunished

  3. The video will be overlooked.
    Just like the video of the guy covering the windows so nobody could "observe" the counting. ( Detroit I believe )
    Just like new York ballots being shipped to Pennsylvania for counting.
    Just like Pennsylvania citizens never being allowed to vote for ( or approve ) mail in voting even though the Pennsylvania constitution says its required.
    Just like Pennsylvania sending out 1.4 million mail in ballots but got 2.5 million returned.
    Just like ballot counting machines counting ballots at 10 times the machines capabilities.
    And I'm sure there is more thats been overlooked.

  4. The most shocking thing about this is that some of the legacy media actually covered it. Or at least mentioned it. They have studiously ignored all other evidence of fraud.

    I guess this one is just too hard to deny.

  5. If you watch the full video they presented at the hearing it shows them telling them to leave and they cover all the tables to make it look like they were done for the night. Then when everyone is gone they pull the boxes and continue counting.

  6. Evidence of Biden corruption during Russia investigation and Democrats scream debunked without it being debunked.
    Evidence of voter fraud during 2020 elections and Democrats scream debunked without it being debunked.

    You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

  7. See i told you trump will win. You like to catch the wind and go wherever it takes you! Plant your feet my good brother and understand its TRUMP 2020! Yeah MFers! Lol

  8. they sure use the word "allegedly" a lot in this article. funny that in years past I didn't hear that word very much when some fairly serious allegations were being made against a certain 'persuasion' (read: orange and/or republican) of people.

  9. Where is the rest of this security footage you should be able to see how these ballots got here and who's responsible…arrest the four people on this video and see who wants to talk…

  10. Tim there comes a point where trying to be unbiased is simply no longer rational, when the amount of evidence as in this is so overwhelming it becomes obvious to the most partisan of the opposition it becomes time to form an actual opinion. The Democrats have done as Biden said and taken part in the largest scale voter fraud in history making South African dictatorships look fairer than this election.

  11. That video was never seen until they showed it in the hearing, then that idiot of a law maker said, this video has been debunked, how do you debunk something that you have never seen.

  12. The machines in that room can count thousands of ballots an hour… 4k to 5k on the newer machines 2.5k to 3k on the older ones in 4 hours thats 12k per machine and how many machines are running

  13. Patriots need to understand that there will never be enough evidence so unfortunately it's up to you and the most disgusting thing is that they are forcing you to get your hands dirty to defend your republic from gross organized criminal activity. I'm sorry I can't help you much with this.

    -your brother from Finland ??❤️??

  14. Anyone else notice the little AD under the video saying Biden won is gone? I bet they know its over, he lost and even if they force him in, we won't let him stay!

  15. They weaponize the socially conditioned incredulity media reinforces relying upon normalcy bias & fear of ridicule to maintain plausibility while they burn through safeguards & safety nets in an effort to win by any means necessary cheating lying & stealing our future in the process ! We either verify each and every single legal/illegal vote holding offenders to full account before anyone is crowned King!! otherwise I’ll meet you at the Liberty Tree where I will be ready to gladly lay down my life to preserve a future where ?? liberty & justice persist for the lives of your children!

  16. Probably been mentioned many times, but I believe the technical word for those cardboard containers for Ballots is a "briefcase", because its kind of like a typical briefcase with how it opens, and how it has a strap handle that you could hold it like a briefcase.

  17. looks shady because there is no way to tell what was going on,we were
    not there so they need to explain without a shadow of a doubt what was
    going on and why were the observers not there?why did they have to
    leave?and why are they pulling the boxes from under the tables when
    the observers are not present?
    the election observers were not there for counting them then it's already a violation.

  18. Just because the Georgia Governor CALLS for a Signature Verification Audit DOES NOT MEAN THAT ONE WILL OCCUR. The Georgia Secretary of State has ALREADY proven hinself to be a duplicitous Weasel that CAN NOT be trusted, so don't expect any movement or concessions from him.

  19. >General Public – look at all this evidence of voter fraud

  20. Yes this is evidence that can be presented in court but this video does not prove anything. I agree that everything should be investigated but we live in a country where you should be presumed Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.