Video Game Journos: Our Entire Industry is DYING!

Gaming journalists are furious that gaming news and esports news sites have run out of venture capital and are dying. Then we talk about the FAILURE of G4 TV.

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Written by Clownfish TV

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  1. The problem is there's no "killer game" that one game you must play. Twitch really changed the game, you can pop in watch them play and ask questions without bias.

  2. Well, I mean. Activision bought Blizzard. Things got worse. Microsoft bought Activision-Blizzard. Not a single thing has ever gotten better after being purchased by Microsoft. Not one. Also, you guys had to know that playing video games for a living, aka "eSports" was never going to last. Put on your grown-up hats and think about it for a second. "Professional Video Game Player". No. Not gonna last. Twitch? Not gonna last.

  3. Advice for post-journalism, woke totalitarian, activists: don't learn to code.
    You'd probably be able to get a juniour role as coders but will never become skilled programmers, because you don't have the ability for independent thought.
    Worse; you will never be even competent designers or analysts because those require the ability to communicate and empathise with human beings.
    On no account attempt to become IT managers, because everyone will always know you are the most stupid people in the room.

  4. Gamers started turning from "gaming" journos since GamerGate. The main thrust of gg was Ethics in Journalism and respecting the consumers. Pushing against grifting weirdos like Saarkeesian and Brianna Wu was a secondary concern.

    Not gonna shed a tear about them going away.

  5. Sorry champ; was never interested in esports. And this from someone who games every day and is tied in with a couple hundred other active players over the course of every week.

    Maybe 10 of all those gamers are interested even peripherally in esports, and they're teenagers living at home with no job. Everyone else would rather just PLAY THE GAMES than read (or watch) cheeseball failed players ranting about their feelz. And if they aren't playing, they're watching tubers and twitchers PLAY THE GAMES to get tips on how to get better at playing.

  6. They straight up said that they weren’t playing all the games they were reviewing and were just reading a script. Why should I care about your opinion on a game that you haven’t played?

  7. I know Kneon is highlighting g4tv but the completionist brought this up yesterday in their x play plus live stream, in their e3 segment. Viewers are nor trusting journalist anymore and rather watch YouTube videos of regular people playing the game. Do I think game journalism is dead? God no, but is it different than let’s say 13 years ago? Yes, it has to be.

  8. Original sin of actual gamers / comics was not properly gate keeping their hobbies, they let opportunist scavengers in who has no interest in gaming or gamers just there to make money or fame or attention from actual gamers and has no objection to throw whole thing below bus for some bu**shit ideology points……. If you have something good going always gatekeeper.

  9. YouTubers are actually playing these games. I could do it too if I wanted. I bought a capture device that wasn't anything expensive. And video editing software like DaVinci Resolve exists.

  10. Their type of game journalism is dying. You know where they complain on every game that doesn't have trans options in a character creator or complain that the main character is white etc. Please drag Kotaku down with you xplay, they're on life support as is.

  11. If we didn't have creative destruction we would still have buggy whip and carriages companies we had to subsidize because we don't want them to loose their jobs…. as they told the miners…learn to code….in essence learn to adapt and create product or services that people actually want to spend their money on…I refuse to waste any more of my money on companies that want to insult me…

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