Video: Hillary Predicts Blowback From U.S.-Funded N@zis In Ukraine

Hillary Clinton has absorbed the lessons of 9/11, specifically that the United States’ support for the Mujahadeen fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan against the Soviets during the 1980s led directly to Al Qaeda and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Yet here the US is, essentially following the same script by supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine against Russia, and yet Clinton and the rest of her cronies in the foreign policy establishment seem oblivious to the fact that they’re repeating the very same mistake today.

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Hillary’s remarkable insight into the consequences of supporting extremist opponents of the Soviet Union while remaining blind to how those lessons apply today.

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  1. Guess it’s easier to criticize and analyze one’s past foreign policy actions, but a lot harder to recognize when you are literally repeating them verbatim in a separate context like some default behavioral pattern unless pointed out to you by another.

  2. Your aim with your great videos to expose these networks of domination and corruption US media, with their usage of street secularism, 24/7 hours scams saying you are all Free and their agents in UN, with the worst UN chief, a NATO member whom stands only for the Neo fascist in Ukraine, by fooling our US house members for their interests and project war, plus the British depose prime minister B Johnson whom had his military training neo Nazi extremist since 2016, American must unit as We The People, to keep our republic's alert and united, and to make voters, not to be partisan but to judge US house members by their daily depriving and unjust policy makers in US state department, in UN mission in the hand radical haters, whom are supporting the EU failed 27+ states, and their useless NATO expansionist, with their sweet talks, lies to our political elites, for hard cash and weapons for Ukraine's warmongers, while 1850 maps shows Crimea is part of Russian land and culture, US house actions already has lead for the decline of the US republic and defamation among world nations. Peace with Messianic order and unity for world peace, Amen.

  3. The same reason they are invading Haiti, and invaded Iraq, and so many other countries was the same reason for the invasion of Afghanistan. 911 was their own plotting. Even your own country currently has their puppet Joe Biden. It's a one eyed satanic agenda to dominate the world, by the will of the Almighty they will not succeed.

  4. Can someone tell me why Haiti is not driving and selling their oil on their territorial waters? This is the reason the US army is there to prevent them from becoming a superpower of the Carabeeans.

  5. Jimmy you are the news for me.

    I also watch Alexander mercousis (totally different Dinamic but between the two of you I feel I’m covered)
    Ps I am from canada –
    Winnipeg to be specific

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