Video: Jack Dorsey Lied To Congress About Twitter Censorship

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, then Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated unequivocally that the social media site did not shadow ban or otherwise stifle content from conservative or right-wing feeds. We now know, thanks to the so-called “Twitter Files” released to journalists by new CEO Elon Musk, that Dorsey was not telling the truth, and that internal communications show discussions among Twitter executives about how to throttle specific conservatives like James Woods, Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger joke about how important it is for Twitter to stifle the powerful arguments made on Twitter by the likes of Dan Bongino.

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  1. Yes they lied. They all lie. At this point its like either people need to do something about it or shut the hell up. I'm sick of everyone sitting on their hands. The question becomes what are you going to do about it? Bc they throw it in our faces every day. They don't care that we all know. Do you understand that? All these alternative news channels at this point Im convinced they just want to keep covering this bs bc it brings in money. Im also tired of other grown human beings telling me what I can and cant do and how I should think, and what I can see and cant see or know and cant know. Im fuckin sick of it! Cant even write comments without youtube censoring them. The owners of youtube need to rot in darkness.

  2. So what, that he lied? Nothing is going to happen. He is not even going to get fined.
    Everybody lies to congress. We have seen it many times.

  3. You’re Right. The Right’s arguments can be argued against. The reason Twitter et al ban them is because they aren’t smart enough to win that argument and they know they come across as insane.

  4. I don't fully understand the not Censoring answer. What definition are they using? I would assume permanently banning accounts (even if they violate the ToS) is a form of censoring is it not? I would love it if Jack went on Kims spaces to discuss that.

    As for the Shadow Banning, I disagree that he lied there. Most people don't know what shadow banning is and even have many different definitions as to what it was. They wrote about this on their 2018 blog in detail but still people decided to not understand what shadow banning was and what definition they were using.

    Shadow banning is when you can read and write tweets on Twitter, but nobody can read or find your tweets. All of this without you knowing its happening. A further step, although not required, would be to have bots engage with your tweets to make it look like you are still having engagement. Twitter did not shadow ban using this definition. Your account may not have shown up on the main timeline or deranked to a point where it did not beat out the other accounts that showed up, but that does not qualify as shadow banning if you can still search for the account and find the tweets and respond to them.

    What most people are mad about and wrongly classify as shadow banning is content filtering or "visibility filtering". I thought it was funny seeing many conservatives bitching about being Shadow Banned but they showed up on my timeline even though I didn't follow them lol.

    Twitter also had issues finding accounts but those were bugs and were later fixed. Shit happens. Its software at the end of the day.

    You don't have to agree with how they ran things, I didn't, but you still used their product. You still allowed advertisers to make Twitter income while this was all going on. Nobody boycotted Twitter, and when they did they announced it on Twitter lol.

    I feel zero sympathy for people that thought Twitter was corrupt but still used it. You all helped create this mess.

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