(VIDEO LEAKED) Chaos at WSP as employees warned of mass layoffs! GET WOKE GO BROKE!


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  1. Here in the UK the BBC ship is sinking. With people opting out of the license fee. The Tory Government who moved substantially to the left as part of a political coup earlier this year. Are facing an existential crisis at the next election… It's about time too!

  2. Slow down a little bit. If journalist were forced by management to report in a certain manner, then it is not their fault, then they have a case. It they forced management to adopt wokeness, then you are right, but I doubt. Be careful you could be spreading disinformation.

  3. Your missing the government bailout option. Since the “wokest” of these media outlets are simply propaganda machines for the Democrats, they can’t let them fail. There will be a state run media just like the Soviets had Pravda. Once the American taxpayers are forced to pay, they won’t worry about going broke.

  4. Cat turds in a box smart turds like a fox here are liberals hear the gawks?gawky? Those are cat turds..not the hawks does the box have locks? Mocks,hammered rocks prison door knocks cat turds who gives amnesty THE FLOCKS…

  5. UK aint gonna last long. 1st time in a very very long time the Pound value was equal to the USD. Soon it will be below. Cos as you said, no accountability. Tax payers pay for something now one wants, and prior they had a lot of reserves from their colonial days. Those reserves has dried up and now they are gonna sink cos i mean come on, their economy is a joke. Socialism can only survive if you have money, and it is obvious they no longer have it. Same as Canada, reserves gone. Lets see how long before they come begging the US. Europe is also sinking already.

  6. These woke spoiled disrespectful narcissists all conspired with one another and with colleagues on other platforms to cancel and destroy people they did not like. They laughed and guffaw'd as people of a different opinion and political ideology were fired, lost sponsorship, lost reputations that took years to build because of their lies, smears and editorial hit pieces. No sympathy for these fucks.

  7. Playing Devil's advocate, it was the leadership that allowed and encouraged the woke politics and political activism of their employees. If the management style is the reason for the subscriber base being reduced and causing those employees to be laid off, why don't those employees have legitimate grievances? If it's true that wokeness was a defacto job requirement, how can you fault them for doing what was necessary to keep their jobs?

  8. how many years have ppl been saying what you are now that it happening. 3-4 fukin years. smh just dishonest or coping at a certifiable level. shit it is great the pos losing thier jobs tho.

  9. Class action suit against someone gutting your country lmao its brillant im sure all those ford and gm employees literally almost every company that packed up and moved to Mexico etc wish they thought of that

  10. The part that has me 🤦🏻‍♀️ is that these are the same cogs in the machine that insisted the economy is growing and inflation isn’t that big an issue. Just like the NYT employees – who later asked for a raise because inflation was cutting into their pay. It’s like watching the fools asking to defund the police and then denying crime until they’re carjacked in broad daylight. They chuckle as they spew their lies and pat themselves on their backs thinking they won because now their preferred party gets to stay in power EXCEPT they live here too and experience the same fallout as the rest of us. Did they think the D on their ballot made them immune to inflation and job cuts? Clowns. Absolute clowns. Love how they shout “you’re not respecting the room.” That argument might work online to cow people afraid of labeling, but you’re a fool to think a childish tantrum will work in the boardroom where hard decisions have to be made. Maybe Biden will cut you all a check so as not to lose your votes. That seems to work for people who only believe in short term solutions and can’t see past their nose.

  11. the BBC isn't as safe as you would think as people are cancelling their TV license hand over fist with the BBC loosing millions of £"s, due to their bias programming, and if the government grows some balls and does what people want in 2026 at the end of the latest BBC contract the outdated license fee should be scrapped and if there is any justice in the world the BBC should have to move to a either advertisement or subscription based model where they will learn they have to make good content to survive,

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