VIDEO: MSNBC Host’s Psychotic Warmongering – Called Out!

MSNBC host Ali Velshi claims to be a peacenik, but you wouldn’t know it from recent statements he’s made on the air and on Twitter. Velshi even got into something of a tiff with The Greyzone’s Aaron Maté on Twitter after demanding that he United States send armed forces into Ukraine to directly confront Russia, with Maté wondering why Velshi is so eager for World War III in a conflict that was largely of NATO’s own making.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the critical events that led up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and why the media so rarely provides this essential historical context.

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  1. Max is BIG on "Nazi" Germany which is the Communist inspired name of Hitler's "National Socialists". The German government were actually collaborating with the German Zionists to push the Jewish people out of Germany so that they would be forced to live in Palestine. That way the Zionists could start creating the State of Israel! The Communist journalist Konrad Heiden invented the word Nazi in an attempt to fool people into thinking that the National Socialists had nothing to do with the left. It kinda worked! Most people today think that German society during that World War Two period were right-wing fascists. They were not!. Last time I checked, Socialism is on the left end of the spectrum, not the right!

  2. Glad you got a million subs…… they really didn't want you to get out the 800k.
    Don't always agree on everything you say (and that's a gd thing)
    But we need more people asking questions. In a democracy nothing should be off the table.

  3. Victoria Jewland. An Asst Secretary of the US Dept of State in 2014. Was the main supporter of the coup in 2014.
    All of these )3ws involved. Where is Israel and its dying soldiers in this whole debacle?

  4. I know I’m not the only one who believes NOTHING being reported on this conflict in Ukraine. Yes, atrocities are likely taking place but the propaganda that accompanies it makes it all questionable.

  5. Wow…go to the YouTube video of 60 minutes interview with Zelensky…read what the sheep are saying in the comments…it's truly scary how easily people can be brainwashed

  6. War has a different vibe if Russia sells some suitcase nukes to the IRA or Black Lives Matter, Basque separatists or many other groups … for a nickel. I get the feeling nuclear proliferation is around the corner. More likely, Russia might decide the deep state hegemony will break down if independent countries can defend themselves with nukes. So far, Russia has not punched back in many ways that are one level below MAD.

  7. Unbelievable. I was not alive, read it somewhere Russia wanted to put something in Cuba then I believe someone named Kennedy 'oh yea totally forgot about my toolbox in Turkey'. Believed I read this somewhere could have been documentary.

  8. It's probably time thar America is hit destroying all infulstructur e and dispersing millions without homes or aid , so America can understand what they do in other people's countries

  9. It was true 50 years ago when Martin Luther King said it, and it remains true today:
    "The United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world."
    ▪︎ The United States has killed more people on foreign soil, both combatants and (by an order of magnitude more) innocent civilians, than any other nation in the post-WWII era.

  10. World countries should wake up and take independent control of their countries and build friendly relationships with neighbours near and far. There is no end to buying modern weapons by each country as every year, arm manufacturers come out with more modern newer weapons and sell them. Then neighbour countries would want to follow that and buy also. Sale of newer weapons, in my opinion, is like young youth changing mobile phone models each year. There is no end to newer new.

    Who benefits, only weapons manufacturing countries, and in order to expand the use or more purchases of weapons, some evil hearted country may create friction between some countries, like lighting a match to a hay stack and watch the fun from afar. If the fire spreads, then wow, their weapons sales will soar. They make billions, and their weapons destroy the infrastructure of waring countries that lead to innocent dying. So, all good peace loving countries that do not manufacture weapons of mass destruction should form their own separate grouping and avoid countries that produce weapons of mass destruction. Settle your border dispute peacefully and share the border benefits if any boarders' disputes can not be solved. Let the disputed border be used for the good of both neighbours without any dominance by one party. Examples are like the sea and air and land boarders.
    This Russian waged war is not going to have a winner. The loss of innocent lives is not worth any war. Today, you capture some land years later, and someone else will try to capture it back. There is no end. So, the best is that countries that are supplying weapons should stop prolonging the war because your countries people are not dying. Instead, increase peaceful negotiations by giving guarantees to both Russia and Ukraine that neither country would wage a war on each other without the following Red lines being broken and spell out the red lines in detail and if such red lines are broken then the matter will be decided by independent group of countries that are not manufacturers of dangerous weapons, etc.

    So, increase negotiations instead of increasing supply of weapons just to I believe clear your extra stock of weapons at the expanse of loss of innocent lives of waring countries. All European countries' foreign ministers should group together and fly out to Russia , confront the Russian top government heads, and talk it out. I am sure that there will definitely be some good results when you go in a total group to Russia for a peace deal. Try doing that.

    And Russia should withdraw troops back to the original borders that existed before 24 Feb 2022. These are my personal views, and I'm sorry if anyone disagrees with them, but keeping on supplying modern weapons is not going to end the war. Or maybe we want to gather the Vatican popes and other Church Heads popes to go in a group to Russia to talk peace. Somehow, I feel one or both of these initiatives or methods will work, and peace will be restored. 🙏 Amen.

  11. Current CIA Director William Burns said in 2008 when he was US ambassador to Russia that to bring Ukraine into NATO or if the US armed Ukraine with offensive weapons it would surely lead to war with Russia.
    ▪︎ And surprise, not surprised, we are — in a proxy war with Russia.
    ▪︎ We obviously knew what would happen if we did, and we did it anyway — it's almost as if we wanted war.

  12. I don’t agree with over half of Jimmy’s political beliefs, but I deeply appreciate the search for the truth. What you believe politically, socially or religiously should make no difference in America. Right or Left wing government can both be fascistic. Free speech is the basis for a government for and by the people. I don’t see either side of the aisle doing nearly enough to protect free speech. Down right scary!

  13. When it comes to producing bootlicking propagandists, Canada takes a back seat to no one (i.e. Ali Velshi, David Frum). Hell, we even have a taxpayer-funded organization that continually pumps them out (CBC).

  14. Microsoft owned and Gates controlled media promoting the interests of the cabal, big pharma, big tech, central bankers, and the military-industrial complex. Hardly surprising.

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