Video of Jan 6 Capitol Attacks CENSORED by Youtube

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Videos showing pro-Trump violence at the capitol, Proud Boys and Q-Anon rallies, and stories like the Flint Water Crisis got removed by Youtube. Now, investigative journalists avoid covering important stories in fear of losing their channels.

Who will be silenced next?

Written by usefulidiots


  1. Abby Martin ran into a similar issue with state laws that prohibit speech that criticizes Israel. She took it to court and apparently won. Might be worthwhile to seek pro bono legal representation. Maybe the tech companies don't want to touch anything that invokes anti-Semitism accusations.

  2. America is now a full fascist state. The Benito Mussolini kind of fascism. The truly dangerous, evil kind. It's really scary to reflect on where this is heading or at the devolution's growing pace. I will not be surprised if the 2022 elections are canceled.

  3. It's like the kidnapping plot: half the capital 'insurrectionists' are FBI, and you can tell who they are because they are the ones instigating violence. They are trying to keep their faces off camera though.

  4. There’s clear footage of the jan 6 guys inside the building talking peacefully with police about being peaceful and respectful inside… I have some on my phone. I’ve had two Twitter accounts permanently suspended for posting it.

    They don’t want anything available that doesn’t support the lying narrative of the establishment

  5. The guests aren't offering any original thought content. The left already hates the proud boys and cnn calls them "white supremacists." The narrative on the proud boys has already been crafted by the establishment media, so they don't need you. Your content is obsolete as far as youtube is concerned.

  6. Phuk the coup they get mad when you pressure the fraud squad I’m glad they are working on the Flint water but see how far you get worshiping politicians that have done nothing but stand in the way of fixing the problem

  7. More than any other kind of video content producer, news sources and journalists owe it to themselves and their audiences now to look into hosting their videos on fundamentally censorship-resistant decentralized federations like PeerTube. Now is the time!

  8. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki covering up FBI's involvement in inciting domestic terror.
    Then she attacked videos exposing Trump's election fraud conspiracy. So she effectively advocate FOR TRUMP.

  9. “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” ~ George Orwell
    ……scratch 'public relations' replace with 'propaganda'

  10. Its all dividing tactics to confuse the truth while big tech, media and gov. try to control the narratives. Problem is people are starting to question all the contradictions and hypocrisy being fed to us!

  11. Trump Virus of 2020 – 2021

    Misuse and
    Abuse of

    No justice for our family deaths until Trump and ALL his accomplices are behind bars! Especially his family!

  12. Its time to realize that Silicon Valley is now simply a part of the oligarchic controlled media establishment who's job is to insure control of the official narratives. The system is completely and totally corrupt.

  13. I am on my 4’th YouTube account. Apparently my comments are so toxic that they have banned me on 3 occasions! Lol…. I really don’t give a rats ass. This YouTube is all kabuki theater anyways.

  14. There are a bunch of YouTube communities struggling with these same content moderation issues, from all kinds of topics. It's not just controversial topics or politics. Someone i follow with a wrist watch channel with nearly 100k subscribers had their channel deleted because of strike for promoting counterfeit goods. They had posted two videos in 3 years about how to spot a fake Swiss watch and how to avoid getting scammed, but YouTubes algorithms somehow concluded this was a violation of their terms. It's all insane, when there is so much garbage that apparently is just fine with the algorithms!

  15. LOL. I just clicked on PBS's "millenial vs boomer" propaganda to find out what the corporate line is. Comments were disabled to protect the children. Cuz parents vs grandparents BS is what the kids are all about these days. Anythin to hide the class war. ?

  16. dys·​to·​pi·​an |  (ˌ)dis-ˈtō-pē-ən is the 2021 word of the year, unfortunately. I was hoping I would go through my whole life not saying that, but it's not just a Fox news buzzword anymore it's becoming reality.