Video of Wuhan hospital “built in 10 days” leaking + updates on Covid19

Video of Wuhan hospital leaking as well as updates on Covid19

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. What a terrible fate. Being shipped off to a death hospital where the only exit is through the incinerator, being forced to dance and having constant water dripping on you everywhere. Oh and also having the Corona virus.

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  3. Wow…there are enough hospitals in the us with leaks, false working electrics and stuff like that… and those weren't built in 10days.. so pls stfu damn hypocrites

  4. those hospitals aren't a distraction they are literally a coverup.
    1)why did they have hundreds of bulldozers digging holes/pitts when the hospital buildings look like they are entirely above ground?
    2)Wuhan is subtropical and standard practice for foundations |n single tier buildings is the lowest frost line recorded in the area. I can't imagine that depth being more than 18 inches tops and some pictures i've seen looked like 15ft deep holes
    3) being lined with what may have been lime
    4) why build hospitals at all AFTER a pandemic starts? thags like building a shelter during a Tornado…
    5) All of their schools and local government building and many businesses vacated almost immediately followed by all non essential (fire/medical/etc) businesses by mandate…Why include truck drivers and construction workers to exempted to the quarantine?
    6) With all of those buildings empty, why would the government not just use those, set up cots and provision medical supplies and staff as they could?

    In my opinion these are mass graves either for many who died from the virus or for dissidents China killed while taking the opportunity of the virus `hen nobody will ask questions

  5. the most natural disinfectant is vinegar and the next best thing is rubbing alcohol and these things can be had on hand easily I keep them in stock I buy gallon jugs of vinegar at all times you just never know

  6. Even in a negative pressure environment the air still needs to be filtered and discharged somewhere. If so, is the filtration adequate enough to stop the virus before its discharged into the outside environment?

  7. The pipes and ducts aren't insulated causing condensation. If it's cold enough thats the result.
    There could easily be leaks as well or if the walls werent insulated any metal that penetrates will sweat too.
    What a disaster.

  8. Or is it that these Chinese know there is no virus going around? If YouTube is demanding that everyone believe in the coronavirus, and to consult the WHO for more information, my inclination is that there is no disaster in this virus, but just an excuse for forced vaccinations, which really WILL kill millions or even billions, or at the very least, chip everyone through the vaccination to make it possible for China to track/control everyone through their chip. See the notice under the video, directing everyone to consult WHO only for "the latest updates"/lies about the virus.
    Look at the senseless brutality going on in China – do the Chinese know something we're not being told?
    People need to start asking who is benefiting from this financially and who will be the beneficiaries of the power they attain through this?