Video: Pediatricians Wanted Kids Back To School In 2020!

A recently surfaced video from 2020 shows NBC medical correspondent John Torres interviewing a series of pediatricians and asking them if they would like to see kids returning to school. All of the physicians, much to Torres’ surprise, say they want kids back in the classroom.

Jimmy juxtaposes this compelling news footage with the ongoing lies from Anthony Fauci about whether he supported lockdowns.

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  1. Jimmy Jimmy jimmy, why don't you just explain to the people that "COVID scare" is how they monetize to raise their kids in that expensive CULTure they soak their habanero tits in

  2. In Canada I am still off work because ,I am not vaxed,I have 45% heart function that's why can't get excemption tried numerous times ,now all the the lies about the vaccines people being damaged and murdered and that's being ignored.Was never antivax completely disagreed with the whole situation the way it was handled and how we have been lied to.

  3. 1500 kids died? From my research, it was 150, and those kids were actually obese or diabetic 18 or 19 year olds. Don't forget, many of those kids would have died sooner or later anyways. How many kids would have died from car accidents had they not had to stay at home?

  4. The lazy, worthless public school trash teachers were behind keeping the schools closed. Their lazy asses wanted to stay home and still collect our tax money. I hate you public school teachers with every fiber of my being.

  5. Great video. The real problem is not that Fauci lied, nor that he recommended closing schools. It's that there was 1 unelected perrenial member of government that had unprecedented power to whisper in the ear of the most powerful person in the world without that whisper or its consequences ever publicly debated let alone voted on. If there is one person with that much power, it necessarilly leads to this. Surprised it took Fauci's whole career, but then again the woke left certainly was fertile ground for his fascism where the 90's left and the post-9-11 left, for all their faults, weren't, wasn't it?

  6. You know who doesn't give a rats a$$ about Economic consequences? The rich who see it coming. Because they have enough money and contacts to make more money on a downturn or state control than the rest of us. They have leverage the average person could only dream about. They scammed us into a position where the WEF saw an opportunity and took over from there.

  7. 1500? In a nation of 350ish million and rising? Not to be crass, but 1500 is nothing to the deaths from despair. Suicide, alcoholism, abuse, diseases left untreated, the list is never ending on the deaths these people's choices brought and caused. Some governors even sent seniors back to KNOWN COVID hotspots.

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