Video: Trudeau & Cabinet Trained By Global Economic Cabal – Admits WEF Chairman

During a recent live appearance with noted media personality David Gergen, World Economic Forum president Klaus Schwab boasted that the WEF has played a role in grooming many future world leaders, including Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau.

Jimmy and The Dive host Jackson Hinkle discuss the ways in which a small cadre of powerful individuals exert their influence over the entire global economic and political system.

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  1. I've been voting republican for years. I found Jimmy dore and the 💡 came on. He's 100% right. Both parties serve the same master. How I couldn't see that my entire life is embarrassing.

  2. Lol. Canadian here. Literally first time hearing any kind of rumour of Social Passports. The provincial governments are removing mandates and removing vaccine passport requirements. The protesters are getting their way in most provinces.

  3. The globalist bankers are part of the same network/cabal and use the central banks to control basically the entire world economy and all countries politically except for Iran and North Korea. I wonder if that's why the drums of war will soon be beating for Iran and N. Korea AGAIN?

  4. Not surprised
    they are letting us know just how things are run so they can control us completely! Truckers are brave & powerful
    just think if the police woke up and turned against their social economic plan! The police are unwittingly their Frontline enforcers and they do even realize it, they should revisit their oath again

  5. WE call these so – called ''Leaders'' 'the Caboose' because they gain a certain kind of Stupid Look
    on their faces -simply because they were put into a position where Klaus and his Buddies were able to 'pull a train' on them.
    Now, THAT's the kind of Penetration we are talking about….

  6. This 'Grooming Methodology' requires them to gain access to these 'future Leaders' for such a time when they are very young (3-5 Years of age) to introduce an Extremely stressful Trauma into their Lives.
    This time – tried Method enables them to gain access to an alternate Personae which harbors an almost photographic record of response action to corroberate with the Stimuli introduced during this period. "Can you see where this is going?" That is all I will say about this (for now)….

  7. Just wanted to point out that everyone that Jimmy named was liberals when making his point about the right and the left being bad….. not saying there aren’t plenty of supposed right wing people just playing their part. I’m just pointing out that it’s clearly the left and so-called Democrats that are the ones doing the most

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