(Video) Ukrainians Fleeing To Russian-Held Territory In Droves

CNN recently ran a segment about the Ukraine situation that must have left many viewers scratching their heads. Specifically, the news network ran a piece highlighting all the Ukrainian civilians crossing over from Ukrainian territory into areas held by the Russian military. Wouldn’t these people be rounded up and slaughtered by Russian soldiers, viewers must have wondered, based on the kind of reporting they’ve seen from CNN previously?

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the likely apocryphal reasons given by motorists for making their way into “enemy”-held territory.

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  1. I certainly don't trust the lying western media. But that Ukraine news account is suspect. I don't think the video is recent. If you look at the trees they're bidding. So it was probably taken in spring.

  2. If they remain in Ukrainian controlled territory, they will be conscripted and sent to the front to die.. It’s safer to be in Russian controlled areas..

    Also for the ukrainins taking Russian citizenship, Russia guarantees all debts owed to Ukraine are erased as well.. so people can start over debt free..

  3. About 3 million refugees from Ukraine arrived in the "aggressor country". 😁 Even if we keep in mind that they are from the Donbass, it turns out strange, given the Western narrative, that Russia itself is shelling the controlled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk. Well…
    Jimmy, thank you! Always with a good sense of humour 👏

  4. The reason why this is the case is that some Ukrainians are pro-Russian. The other Ukrainians who are also fleeing is because they simply want the war to end, and don't care who is "winning". No different from what happened at the end of WW2, when the Cold War began. Some people simply want stability over independence.

  5. Jimmy Dore, your clarity shows there's still hope for the floundering West. if Lot could have found just one man like you in those cities of old, Sodom and Gomorrah might still be standing.

  6. Here's some math: 0.5 * 283,649 ≈ 141,825. Probably around half (approximately) of the 283,649 who lived in Kherson in 2021 had already fled since late February. So the people who remain behind are either pro-Russian or are unable/unwilling to leave for some other reason. As usual, you oversimplify and cherry-pick to serve your goal of relentless Ukraine-bashing.

  7. The Crimean were 80% Russian from squatters just like the illegal aliens pouring into America take the land and since the majority of people a now squatters that's how borders move

  8. You call them Ukrainians, in truth they are ethnic Russians! Bolshevik revolution added all Russian territories into Ukraine as it had only 3 regions and was too small to be a public! And nobody asked people!!!

  9. Sorry Jimmy but your whole premise in this video is false based on yours (and everyone else in the video) lack of hearing comprehension. You make it sound like the CNN reporter said 76 people came from Russian side to Ukraine side while 6000 crossed from Ukraine to Russian side, which is almost the reverse of what he said. In reality he's saying that 6000 people were waiting on the Russian side to cross to the Ukrainian side and only 76 of them were allowed to cross. He said there were only several hundreds of people crossing from Ukrainian to Russian side.

  10. “Prompting Russia to attack civilian areas”. Russia has absolutely not choice but to bomb civilian areas? There is no alternative but to bomb civilian areas? Just no control over whether to bomb or not? What would happen if they didn’t bomb those civilian areas? And Russia is totally cool with Russian civilians objecting to the special military operation without absolutely any repercussions whatsoever. To be clear all Ukrainians are nazis according to this channel, all ages, all position in society or government, just all of them and anything russia does including bombing civilian areas is just out need, just no choice but to bomb.

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