Video: Unhinged Officials Push No-Fly Zone & World War III

Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar was roundly mocked on social media after telling reporter Max Blumenthal that she wholeheartedly supports declaring a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine despite not knowing what, precisely, that means. She then doubled down on this unwitting call to launch World War III by adding, “Freedom isn’t free.”

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger share chuckles at the Congresswoman’s expense while discussing the ramifications of a no-fly zone over Ukraine and the fantasy notion of a “partial” or “limited” no-fly zone.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Could anyone explain to me why we want to assist Ukraine to fight Russia? They are NOT part of NATO nor are they part of the EU. They are a totally corrupt and bankrupt nation. Ukraine is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS and the west should STEP BACK IMMEDIATELY from this conflict, that by the way was CREATED BY THE US when Joe Biden (as VIP), Victoria Nuland (secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia), together with warmongers John McCain and his all-time pal Lindsey Graham (BOTH heavily financed by the arms industry!!!) planned and supported (5 BILLION plus arms/munition aid) the coup against a democratically elected government to install a US puppet Yatseniuk soon to be replaced by another puppet (via "real" elections, you know, the same kind that made the senile John Biden the new US president), Porochenko.
    Apart from the strategical interest that the US warmongers in the Pentagon, Nato and congres (like "nuke'm McCain") have to put more nuclear missiles right on the Russias border the country of Ukrain does NOT represent an economical interest to any of the western nations. This is in fact the reason why the EU stepped back on pulling them into the EU , it would simply be too expensive for an EU that is already battling with an economic crisis within it's borders.
    For all those that support the hyped up hate against Putin and Russia (and this is not new, it has been carefully maintained since the end of the cold war by Hollywood and the media) you should ask yourself where this hype will end. It will end when WW3 breaks out !! And we are only one spark away from that. Ask yourself the question if you are willing to send your men, sons and husbands, to be massacred for a country far away that you know nothing about and is of no interest to you?
    Haven't you learned ANYTHING AT ALL from all the past wars that has cost your country TRILLIONS OF $'s and hundreds of thousands of lives. Did you ever ask yourself what your country and yourself has gained from any of these wars?
    It was ZERO, NADA, NOTHING ! YOUR country was only off worse after these wars ended and it left ALL the countries it fought these unjust wars against in TOTAL RUINS with MILLIONS of displaced people that are fleeing to the west (who YOU will be paying also with YOUR tax money because they are flooding not only the EU but also the US !!!).
    Where was your outcry over the daily shelling by the ukrainian army of their southern population, after the so called "revolution", that has left 14.000 dead and cities/villages in ruins over the 7 years since the fake "revolution" by disrespecting the Minsk agreements ??
    Where was your outcry about the Yemen war and the genocide by the US supported saoudis ….. 377.000 DEAD IN 7 YEARS !!!
    Get your head out of your a$$ and start using your brain before the SHTF !
    What's happening here is WRONG and BAD and has nothing to do with freedom and democracy !!!!!
    This is going to backfire very badly. The one who ends up paying for this UTTER STUPIDITY is (as always) YOU !!! You already noticed the high prices at the pump and of food ??? This is just the beginning !!! Watch my words.
    The ONLY one laughing their ass off is the military-industrial complex making TRILLIONS.
    Exactly like B!g Ph@rm@fia was the ONLY ONE benefitting from the c0vid crisis.
    You are being sleepwalked from one crisis into the next one by the same
    S C U M !!!!!

  2. Dear Jimmy Dore,
    You have been doing some wonderful work and really enjoy you. Consider: The US/Russia/China have been working on taking over the world TOGETHER, this is just a piece of the puzzle. We are always, and I mean absolutely relentlessly, led by our biases to believe the lies based on the biases built up over decades upon decades of propaganda used to support the failure to prosecute criminal behavior of the ruling classes. World War III is for propaganda purposes, we are IN world war 3. It's just a new, as-yet unrecognized means of taking control of the planet. It's a first in our lifetimes. Don't miss the forest for all the trees they keep putting in your face.

  3. Where in the fuck do we get people like this???? And After 5 years of the DNC pushing every single crazy conspiracy…. I thought for sure 90% of the GOP would have at least have an ounce of common sense…. NOPE….. The DEEP STATE is alive and well, and just MUTATED in another variant!

  4. This is why I’d never want a liberal president come war time. They are so out of touch with normal people and normal life for us.

    We all have more in common with Trump then Biden or Kamala.

  5. That's the face of social, propaganda pressure. "I agree with anything everyone else is supporting".. look at me! The most dangerous thing on this planet is not Russia or nuclear weapons even. It's the arrogant ignorance of people playing tribal politics.

  6. All those idiots advocating for a no-fly-zones, should sign up first, and every able body in their house holds to be in the front lines, we'll see how quickly they stop spouting that nonsense.

  7. Yes, Trump for once did the smart thing and that is take the oil. None of the past presidents ever did that. They just fight for nothing. There was a group called ISIS and they ravaged the region. Trump killed ISIS swiftly after the democrats allowed them to kill and rampage for years. So Trump saved the region from ISIS and kept troops with the oil. This isnt a secret Jimmy this is open knowlegde that Trump said many times. Good! If we are sending out troops to kill ISIS we desever something in return. Not to mention ISIS would take and sell oil to fund their plans. No matter how much you want to say Iraq was a war for oil you are wrong. Its fake talking point cuz we didn't get any help in oil from taking out Iraq.

  8. I am very sad to hear this idiot talk. I had hope when you had the one conservative talking sense. This is another empty suit former journalist turned conservative for poltical gains, but shes another fake one. If we cannot take over the repucian party we will never take over the country.

  9. I did not belive it
    Maria Zalazar Rep.
    But saw her Wikipedia
    She is real
    But when i saw that she worked in CNN i understand how dumb she was

    Wow if such dumb people represent usa then we are going direkt in WW3

  10. The Ukraine president put the target on civilians backs when he publicly on world news told the Ukraine people to arm themselves and build fire bottles to fight Russia so he told Russia that civilians are now soldiers.

  11. Suicidal ukraine want nato to go to war with Russia. If they want to carry on with their own suicidal actions that they could stop,the rest of the world. cannot escalate to a world war. This also demonstrates that nato is complicit in getting people killed in ukraine.

  12. When people support Ukraine they also support the killing of Ukrainians by Ukrainians which you have covered I believe, the Hypocriscy and Irony of their claim to support by doing things that do not affect anything like, "I will dance in support of Ukraine", while blissfully ignorant of NZs in the Ukrainian Government and ignorant of the killing of Ukrainians in DONBAS by other Ukrainians.

    My Question: "Given the above information: WHICH Ukrainians do you support?"

    them: "……………………………………………………………………………"

  13. We're gonna need an online party for 1 million day., Jimmy. We're going to need you, Steph, and all your guests on camera at the same time, with a "best of" highlights vid every few minutes.

  14. This will cause a permanent rift among the East and West. And as we're seeing, deepen the rift that already existed among the left and the right.
    Exciting shit! The news hasn't been boring in weeks. Hey, it's the end of the world, life is a comedy, have some fun with it.

  15. But don't worry, we have a back up plan. If Putin honors the no fly zone for humanitarian efforts Plan A is to attack those corridors ourselves and blame Putin for it and/or Plan B is to label areas of strategic importance as humanitarian corridors.

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