Video: White House Press Wants MORE WAR

White House reporters love two things more than any others – getting to be on camera when they ask questions, and war. And thanks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the current crop of predominantly women who comprise the White House press pool have been able to explore both their great loves. In a recent briefing, one reporter after the other grilled White House press secretary Jen Psaki about why the Biden administration isn’t pushing to escalate the conflict, either by funneling more armaments and aircraft to Ukraine, establishing a no-fly zone or getting US troops directly involved.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the rampant bloodlust on display in the White House briefing room.

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  1. If only there were more Ukrainians living amongst Flint and the homeless in LA, the US would be capable of providing military, humanitarian and economic assistance to them. If only every problem in the world could be labeled Ukrainian, the world would be a better place to live.

  2. I understand the question he asked. NEVER do we see people tag teaming obvious questions like that. It is as though and I strongly believe, these girls were told to ask these questions in that manner. It was very strange and overt. Kurt wasn’t being naive on the contrary he was dialed in to the strange behavior and body language they displayed. I was thinking this also at the same moment. It’s like Grimm set it up ti appear to be for peace. He’s trying to fool the people who are calling him out for being a phony.

  3. P.S. the reporter asking about the mugs looks like the “moderator” for the last presidential election debate. Prob why she was the only one wearing a mask. I could be wrong. 🤔

  4. If we (the US Gov) already agreed to "help Ukraine", then why not help accordingly? I don't want to be the asshole country that sends blankets to drowning kids.
    (Also, Biden is the WEAKEST "Pres" this country has ever had.)

  5. Women are especially vulnerable to emotional manipulation and they have been fed a soap opera with clear-cut good guys and bad guys for the past several years, Trump and Russia being the chief bad guys. This is the result of that.

  6. WAR means RATINGS!
    And since no one gives a single shit about state sponsored "trusted" main media sources since they have proven themselves to all be wearing Clownshoes. These talking heads NEED WAR, FEAR, DIVISION, & "CRISIS" .

  7. Jimmy if I would be you I would stop with Kurt Metzger , Kurt = following u …Kurt = not authentic , its becoming painful . A Jimmy Dore doesn't need slimebally conformisator

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