Vietnamese bloke vs Dan Andrews!

Great Australians on the streets of Melbourne beating the drums of war against Dictator Dan Andrews!

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. YOU KNOW 1995 the white man policy or that still lives the voting rights and the causes that fine people for missing a vote is discrimative. under the activist white policy the so called complicity voting that still doesn't allow people to vote that rights to citizneship in Austrlaia or escape to australia still can not vote. no one cant vote unless white born or australian born time for change let everyone that came to this country for freedom that are refuggess, permit residents, asylum seekers, dual citizens what every be given their rights to vote and never discrimate. the governament discrimates everyone by exclusing votes and refiudims. websites to kill the bill get shut down because the governament is corrupt and support socialist's dictatiorship and communist.

    Secondly Australia is the only country in the world that isn't suppose to be socialist controlled not to have BILL OF RIGHTS???

  2. MOST politicians are only interested in how much money they can take from the people and give to their mates is that not right MORRISON they all need to be held accountable for their actions against AUSTRALIA AND OUR PEOPLE

  3. Amazing how the Aussie Cossack not only has the fortitude to stand up against the dystopian tyranny being forced on aussies, but also has seemingly been the catalyst for incredible unity within the people of Australia – and I think even the world.

    Keep it up cossack, much love and support from here in the states.

  4. My father fought a terrible war in Vietnam. The people there suffered badly under the same people we are fighting today. A cruel and relentless ideology and financiers. Miss you pops: US Army 1st Air Cav. Our excellence echoes long after we are gone.

  5. The tyrants, of all persuasions, have unwittingly created a global tribe that's unmolested by their medical 'experts', that's not concerned about race, religion, gender, colour, politics, etc,. Our common goal is freedom to live our lives whilst causing no harm to others. Never before has there been a group of people that cut across all the tyrant's manufactured barriers to a peaceful life. We are gonna overcome these demons!

  6. Dan Andrews is finished in Victoria –
    Continue on with your communist agenda Dan – You have lost the respect of the working class man on the factory floor as well as every Retail Business man/woman in Victoria.
    Why aren't you Labor MP's standing up to Dan Andrews?
    Why are you all so weak?

  7. I reckon the Labor Liberal and Greens will be destroyed for their incompetence.
    A lot of hippies who use to be Greens are going micro parties.
    I spoke to a lot of people in FNQ and they are not voting Labor Liberal Greens ever again, even if they are “Whistle” well not that many actually, very few, actually none, so it turns out.
    Well there you go.
    Their figures are wrong.
    Gods Garden, best place in the world.
    Love you Far North Queensland.
    Don’t come up here from down south and try to turn it to Dan Andrews state.
    We will eat you.

  8. Come on Dan Andrews tell them what scum they are infact go down there yourself & tell them what you think of them & what your going to do go on Dan Andrews because your such a hard man go & face them.

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