Vilifying the Unvaccinated

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The narrative vilifying the unvaccinated is growing, which is concerning considering some people are not even eligible and others have to wait months.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. I have been preparing for this bad end for a long time. I don't need what they have to offer so much anymore. It's going to be pretty hard to get me to do something I don't want to do. I am scared for my children. My adult son is going to be getting the brunt of this.

  2. I'm not an anti-bleep either. I've had most of my bleep shots but I'm against this bleep which isn't a traditional bleep. It's mRN shA technology & experimental, it was rushed within months rather than years of development & research.

    It's also gonna be tied into the bleep passport & social credit scores coming in. According to TGA 46000 people in Australia have had a severe reaction & over 400 deaths.

    Dr Peter Mccullough, an accredited doctor from the US is a whistleblower. Got out info that 46000 people died in the US in 3 days from it!!

    No thanks. Covh ids bad but I'll take my chances with it than an undeveloped or beta bleep. You might be fine now but there may be unknown long term damage

  3. In 100yrs people will look at how the unvaccinated were treated as a lesser people and will be compared to how the native peoples of lands were treated in our history it’s atrocious

  4. I thought the vaccines don't even finish clinical trails until 2023 and we're supposed to inject basically the whole of mankind with this stuff? Sounds like a solid idea.

  5. I'm sure you've heard of Max Igan. He's in the truthers movement & spoke at the anti-lockdown rally at Brisbane. Sure you won't agree with everything he's saying but he has guts & brings a lot of good information. If you want to check him out he's on bit chute under the crowhouse since YouTube censored & deleted him channel

  6. If you’re want the vax have it and don’t worry about the unvaxed isn’t that the point of being vaxed it’s supposed to protect you or dont you trust in the vax you’ve had

  7. How about all those referring that we're bad members of society, to talk about giving the non vaccinated their own special economic region within Australia? Give us somewhere to F off to. Then stop the bitching.

  8. Its all about choice, if someone wants to get vaxxed and wants to ware 20 masks I don't care, as I say go for it, that is an individual choice, but don't force that shit on me.

  9. these people are fools..look at what's going on in the nations that are at 80% plus vaccine status..they are still talking about winter lockdowns in those places …they are 100% going to push for lockdown no matter how many vaccines get done

  10. I find it interesting that the people getting the vaccine say they are taking the risk? Aren't you taking the vaccine to make yourself safe? Isn't it the unvaccinated who are taking the risk? Aren't people getting vaccinated due to the fear porn being shoved down the their throats. If vaccinated and unvaccinated work together aren't the vaccinated safe? So why fear the unvaccinated? Oh wait that's right the vaccine doesn't actually stop you from getting the virus or even spreading it, it just increases your survival rate from 98.6% to 98.9%. It's protective ability doesn't take into account the plethora of variants or that you may need to get boosters, yearly, monthly, daily? Since the vaccinated are so keen to lose all their freedom, maybe as part of the social credit system the vaccinated are hastening into existence, they might include removal of daily vaccination privileges? But I digress, this is a vaccine whose long term effects are still unknown, that is a big risk not necessarily to you but to people in the future! Yet these vaccinated people are willing to give up just about all their freedom, their children's future, to vilify their neighbors, to have a passport system introduced, to splinter society, all for what amounts to a vague sense of immediate personal safety! It sounds more like the desperate actions of someone willing to do anything just to feel safe! Doesn't sound noble or brave to me! Granted I know many people don't realise what they are doing and are just reacting to the propaganda, especially when we are all being lied to on a daily basis about the effectiveness of masks, about spreading the virus if outside when it is known that being outside has been shown to be almost impossible to get or spread the virus, about alternate verified effective medicines being culpably ignored by world governments! Why? To ensure the mass vaccination process continues unabated? There are many people who can't have the vaccine! A recent outbreak in America saw 74% of the people people who got the virus having been fully vaccinated. If this a sign of lockdowns stopping?

  11. What’s scary about their rhetoric is it’s worldwide and in unison. It’s not coming from these people that’s coming from somewhere else that’s obvious.

  12. I’ve never trusted pharmaceutical companies in the way they pursue health. Their track record is abysmal and there’s no reason I should be forced to put something in my body that I philosophically and morally disagree with. I haven’t been sick in 20 years because I know how to actually take care of my health. Most of the population in the United States is obese and it’s absurd for a giant chunk of that population to label me crazy for not taking an experimental drug.

  13. This is only natural in a population where 70% support lock downs.
    Just to add. I needed to make a domestic flight in the Philippines and was required to show my vaccination certificate to enter the airport.

  14. That is a form of Nazi propaganda. When holocaust happened, nobody opposed it, rather supported it. History repeats itself. This time it will be the holocaust of the unvaccinated! Bloods are in their hands..

  15. Does it really matter if its approved by the authorities if it was approved under emergency order and there is no clinical trials for long term side effects? It doesn't matter if a doctor with 5 degrees approves it, the fact is, long term clinical studies have not been completed and no one knows the harm this medicine may or may not cause. Typical drug research takes 10-15 years, out of which trials take 7 to 12 years. Please look this up and it would be interesting to see what do you think and if you trust your Politian's so much? As this seems like the approval was more political than scientific.

  16. The question should be what is the final solution to those who refuse the vaccine. I see many similarities to the unvaccinated and Jews in 1930s Germany.

  17. What about people CANT be vaccinated due health condition, not because they dont want? There IS MEDICAL situations, temporary or more longer when ANY vaccine is not recommended.

  18. To the pro vax fools:
    1. In which organ do the highest number of LNPs accumulate?
    2. What is the name of the synthetic cholesterol used?
    3. What is the name of the bioluminescent marker in the vax?
    4. How many macaques were used in the Pfizer trial?
    5. How many vax deaths according to vaers?