VINDICTIVE Amber Heard Dateline Interview DEBUNKED! + #iStandWithAmberHeard CRAZIES Come After ME?!

VINDICTIVE Amber Heard Dateline Interview DEBUNKED! + #iStandWithAmberHeard CRAZIES Come After ME?!

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  1. Hi Andy, Keep putting out the real truth. Thank you for your comments and your guests that speak to the true issues. This woman is the character. She doesn’t know how to be a real person. She is so jealous that she isn’t rich and adored and powerful. I would love to she her take a lie detector test by a really experienced and reputable person. I’m sure the machine would explode and the needle would be so far off the paper. I just hope that she is held responsible…she needs consequences though I don’t think she will ever learn anything. She will never give up. She will never move on because she does want the attention. Stay strong Andy and please keep doing what you do. It’s important and I truly appreciate hearing your comments. Love and hugs from Australia

  2. Andy, most of the time I agree with you, but when you say one person telling something to another person is here say, that's not always true. if I told you that I was robbed 2 nights ago, does that mean I'm lying? Look at DR. Nassars case. The whole thing came to light because the first girl who started to the movement, did so by telling the detective her story. She had no witnesses or any evidence, she said what happened to her. Is that here say?

  3. If Amber is a woman of character then why did she marry a man that she claims abused her years before she could finally talk him into marrying her? She seems to have married him with blackmail in mind because that’s when she started trying to document things against Johnny.

  4. I am a victim . My ex husband of 10 years has done so much to me and I reported it every time even tho I went back so many times because we had children and he promised he wouldn't do it again he pulled out a 12 gauge shot gun and almost killed me. The gun jammed up and he left . I left him after that. She is a lier. I never taunted my abuser I would do everything to keep him not to get mad. She is lier and she wants the power he has is what it is

  5. Dateline EDITED THE INTERVIEW to make her look better because in the previews they gave her answer about her saying why she admitted starting fights because she was “accepting blame because she was under stress” and then continued to say when you’re abused you don’t have the capacity that say “you or i do” (referring to herself and Guthrie) to deal with the situation and its not black and white but then in the final full version they CUT THE YOU OR I SLIP UP!!! Nice try Dateline but u are disgusting helping this repugnant liar

  6. Her complaint about the signs is ridiculous! If there was one photo now of someone with one I’d just think it was her setting it up. Regardless, doesn’t she say one can say anything under freedom of speech? If it said “burn the witch” does she admit it refers to her? It doesn’t say her name, lol! Just mind boggling how contradictory she is. Spineless!

  7. I couldn't believe that AH did these interviews, they look and sound like the lies of her testimony. Her expressions, her statements. All toxic, vindictive, grasping for anything to hold on to. She's done.

  8. This case has angered me at so many points in time. My daughter was afraid to come forward because she was afraid no one would believe her because of people like Amber Heard!!!!!! She thought because she is a woman, that the whole world would believe her. How arrogant of her to think we are all dumb and would just believe her “proof”. She’s hurting women not the verdict!!!! The justice system actually worked in this case. And shame on NBC for putting this abuser on air just because she is a woman. I don’t think they would have Harvey Weinstein on air

  9. The bottom line & what nobody seems to get is .. the VICTIM of abuse was not going to come forward & expose his abuser, until his abuser defamed him claiming she was abused. SO THIS IS GOOD FOR VICTIMS OF DV & A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR THEM TO SPEAK UP BECAUSE THE REAL VICTIM HERE WON!!!!!! The jury believed him.

  10. Thank you for speaking out! She makes me so angry! She's the one that is making it worse for victims. Oh and the statement she made about not being a "perfect victim", wtf is a perfect victim? Try not lying. She's like the little boy that cried wolf.

  11. This is sickening to watch 🤮🤮🤮 those words are insult to all the TRUE DV SURVIVOR. Thank you very much for your hard work Popcorn Planet. Keep it up, stay humble and true to your work. Truth will prevail!!!

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