Vindictive forced masking policies on airplanes and in airports are sending a message

On this week’s episode of Rebel Roundup, Rebel reporter Adam Soos joined David Menzies to discuss the shocking story of 76-year-old Alec Bialski, who was flying to Canada from France and fell asleep during the flight. After his mask dropped down, Bialski ended up arrested.

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  1. I'd respect your guys' point of view more of you didn't act and look like literal clowns.

    You guys are like clowns making fun of clowns for being clowns. It's just silly at this point.

    Just more, "ra raa blue tie bad" bullshit.
    And y'all look weird, man. Like wtf, who relates to these guys???

    I wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with someone who dresses and looks like that on purpose. It's weird.

  2. if you don't care about anyone elses health but your own, guess what? you're part of the problem. don't care what excuse you make…the idea of a mask is to use it, so when you can't fine, but when you CAN?? and REFUSE? it's simple common sense and you skip past the logic and latch onto the one instance where it may not apply…doesn't make it less needful just because you object to using a mask

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  4. Slice the fukng center of the mask!!!!! BTW look at Trudeau getting off his plane period! Do we need to download that picture or print it out and wear it to get it home?

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