Violent BLM and Antifa Thugs Burn Elk Statue in Portland For Well, No Reason

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  1. The elk statue is suppose to represent the beauty and serenity of the Pacific Northwest. This is why antifa hates it, they hate beauty, and order, they hate the fact that Oregon is mostly white and that white people enjoy nature and living in it.

  2. I really think it's about anything that is related to a euroooopppean or caucashhunn in general , they want it torn down. Even if it's of Frederick Douglas, because statues of this nature are caucashhunn in origin, they want them gone. I have to misspell this or youtube will censorrrrr this comment, they already censorrrrr crymme statz. This is just a marxist anti huwhite takeover , it's like the culturallluhh revolution in Chynna, destroy anything and everything, especially of caucashhunn origins. Soon they will try to round us up in "campzzz". I'd say deportuhed back to eurooope, buts it a non huwhite cesspool there now so most likely not because we're not allowed a homeland.

  3. Antifa and BLM, totally ignored a city with thousands of slave owner's statues, mostly unprotected and of unapologetic white men and an added bonus, generals too. Only one problem. The Italian Army will most likely be called in, bringing machine guns. Perhaps another time.

  4. Their motivation is to destroy American history and erase American identity. The elk statue is a peice of Americana that contributes to American cultural identity. None of this has anything to do with black lives. It has everything to do with their cultural marxist attack on America.

  5. Obviously Elks are patriarchal because only the males have antlers, and Teddy Roosevelt is problematic because Teddy Bears are named after him and not after a woman, so patriarchy or some other bullshit. Also make a few hollow statues and fill them with flour – that will solve the problem permanently while saving the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to "rehabilitating" people who are a lost cause. Honestly, it would be much easier to get the devil to assist church on a regular basis than to get this LARPers to obey the law.