Violent Seattle pro-abortion activists assault their own side at protest

On May 3, 2022, pro-abortion activists in Seattle held a march to protest the U.S. Supreme Court. Several militant activists were so angry and violent at street preachers that they began to attack people from their own side, including a male peacekeeper in a vest, and several women. My videos are not monetized and I need your support in order to continue my independent journalism. Please join me on Locals: or drop by to see all the places (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, CashApp) you can support my work at. My NYT bestselling book about Antifa is also available here:

Written by Andy Ngo


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  1. Ah Seattle… a whole city of psycho leftist millennials. You can hear their demonic chanting in the background. Imagine trying to live in such a hellhole.

  2. Honestly, the guy in the orange vest caused the entire thing to happen while acting to keep things peaceful. If he hasn't stepped in none of this leftist in fighting would have occured. They are vile, wicked people who love violence and are addicted to rage.

  3. Why are people in Seattle protesting? Even if the draft judgement is finalized, they will still be able to shoot up on the streets, steal goods and have abortions.
    Although with all the drugs openly consumed, I am not sure you would need a formal medical procedure as well.

  4. Dosn't look like they care much about the cause more like its an excuse to act a fool . I'm sorry but if your irresponsible enough to not use the pill, condoms ,I U Ds ect to not get pregnant in the first place what is to make anyone believe your capable of making a decision that costs a life

  5. "assault their own side" – they're clearly going after the counter-protesters at the beginning, and orange vest guy is blocking to deescalate. Unless you want to tell me the "ask me why you deserve hell" shirt guy, and banner with "I love you mommy" text over pictures of a fetus are actually pro-choice messaging – in which case, please do, it would be funny.

  6. Lefty lunatics….

    Here on out, voter registration needs to start including passing a basic Civics exam. Maybe then these nutcases who think their feelings outweigh anyone else's rights can be safely relegated back to the fringe where they belong.

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