Viral: The Origin of Covid 19 | Matt Ridley | #310

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Matt Ridley go in depth to explore the Covid 19 outbreak, scrutinizing the lack of criticism, the inherent red flags widely accepted as benign, the possible motive for a multi-government cover up, and ultimately the demise of the scientific enlightenment as it bends to a more fearsome pandemic: totalitarianism.

Matt Ridley is a British writer, journalist, and public speaker. His books collectively have sold over a million copies, and have been translated into 31 languages. His books include The Red Queen, The Origins of Virtue, Genome, Nature via Nurture, Francis Crick, The Rational Optimist, The Evolution of Everything, and How Innovation Works. He is also frequently published in the Wall Street Journal, and in the Times (London), as a columnist. As a speaker, Ridley has seen over two million views for his TED talk, “When Ideas Have Sex.” Ridley focuses on the area of science for his writings, and held the role of science editor at the Economist for nine years.

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(0:00) Coming up
(1:31) Intro
(4:25) The origin of the Covid 19 outbreak
(7:39) Adapted for humans
(11:42) Immediate effectiveness
(13:50) Inserted genetic information
(16:29) Early concerns of engineering, the pangolin problem
(20:00) Reputation management, potential cover up
(25:00) The smoking gun, Project Defuse
(28:24) The impossibility of ethical science in a totalitarian country
(33:50) When presumptions don’t add up
(37:00) Framing the pandemic as political, a distraction
(45:16) 80,000 animals tested in Wuhan, 0 infected
(50:30) The lack of criticism for the Chinese government
(53:53) Potential darkness, spreading totalitarianism
(57:03) China envy, recalling the USSR
(1:01:23) Other possible motives
(1:05:24) The sad evolution of scientific inquiry
(1:09:30) The demise of the enlightenment
(1:17:15) The antagonism between religion and science
(1:22:07) Truth over consequence
(1:28:01) The conflation of religion as a faith and as an institution
(1:36:00) The spirit of inquiry
(1:38:37) Dawkins; not seeking the answer, following the questions
(1:43:20) The truth will set you free


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Written by Jordan B Peterson

Dr. Jordan B Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist. The videos are derived from two sources: 1. His UToronto courses Maps of Meaning (which describes how values, including beliefs about good and evil, regulate emotion and motivation); and Personality & Its Transformations (which describes psychological theories from Eliade, Jung, Freud, Rogers, Gray, Luria, Sokolov, Vinogradova, Panksepp, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Solzhenitsyn as well as psychometric models such as the Big Five). 2. His public lectures on topics of general psychological relevance, including the meaning of music, the significance of hero mythology, and the structure of the world as represented in religion.


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  1. 23:15 JP summarises:
    1) Geographical coincidence of lab doing research on covid viruses near the wet market.
    2) Virus itself has evidence suggesting engineering when compared to similar viruses (furin cleavage site inserted).
    3) Virologists plus Foucci admitting high likelihood then changed their story and buried comms until freedom of information request.

    26:47 Peter Daszak prepared letter for lancet shutting down lab leak hypothesis, but didn't reveal conflict of interest re: his Darpa Pentagon application for funding for experiments on Sars viruses to insert Furin cleavage sites.

    29:38 Chinese took down database (partly US funded, supposed to support predicting pandemics) of viruses before Covid went global, now refuse to reinstate it even though doing so would exonerate them.

    38:34 Risks of doing gain of function research.

    48:23 Found no infected animals, no infections in blood banks, no index cases. Doesn't transmit well in any animals, but very well in humans.

    55:12 Bio Safety Level 2 (mask and gloves) used in lab to handle viruses.

    Also: no intermediary viruses found in wild.

  2. The presumptions is that DARPA and Global/Chinese virologists have a primary interest towards 'preserving' health.- It's not. The ease of custom virus manufacture with potential military (bio-terrorist) application IS the concern. You might see that Wuhan 'burying' their sequence record to ALSO have global self-interest. It's EASIER to make a virus, one that can even target (or ignore) specific haplogroups (eg. race) then it is to make and deploy a nuclear device. [ The entire 'mRNA' direction for an antidote (not really a 'vaccine') is ALSO the 'answer' targeting the bioterrorist potential, and the easy FDA blessing without proper testing, …as a rather 'quick' response can be generated.] The lab release was a 'mistake,' the goals 'noble,' and the DARPA supported directions GLOBALLY have their goals to be vigilant, which is their primary task. The less virulent Omicron version is actually an accidental 'blessing,' as it 'vaccinates' for all SARS variants.

  3. The Chinese , where the virus apparently started , did not create mRNA injections to give to their citizens . They created 3 home grown protein injections , despite being one of the most highly scientific countries. When asked , Xi said that they were still working on a suitable mRNA vaccine for the Chinese people . 2.5 years later still working on it . If you believe that , I’ve got a bridge to sell you !

    Do no one see a Trojan horse 🐎 in front of them ??

    Go have a look at the approved immigration lists in each country , post plandemic , and see which countries top the list .

  4. 1. DO THE MATH: The virus, SARS-CoV-2, has 4 basic amino acids together. There are 20 amino acids. Mutations rates are about 1 in 100,000. The odds of these 4 amino acids being together in the virus is 1 in 16,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. This is similar to you finding a single drop of water somewhere in all the water of the oceans combined.

    2. The experts have it wrong. They have stated the basic amino acids is to make the virus more alkaline so as to enhance its survival in the body. NONSENSE. Basic amino acids like arginine are anchor sites for carbohydrates. These carbohydrates bind to receptors (e.g. mannose binding receptors) on mammalian cells.
    No big deal when an antigen binds to a receptor, or a scatter of receptors, on the cell. However, when there is a cluster, or "capping", then this kicks the cell into high gear, causes severe inflammation, and also phagocytosis/pinocytosis/infection.

    3. CORONAVIRUSES: SARS has a death rate of about 10%, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) of 30%. A virus specimen of the latter from Egypt was acquired by Dr. Frank Plummer, CEO, of PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada). PHAC had Chinese researchers who mailed Ebola, Nipa viruses and the MERS to China before they fled. Afterwards, Dr. Plummer attended a virus conference in Africa. There he died.

    4. It appears that the Wuhan fiasco, occurred because of Western sponsored, international collaboration with the Chinese for "gain of function". There appears to still be offensive biological warfare programs. It appears that there is a "hidden agenda", to actually develop something that will be highly infective and kill. They succeeded.

    Previously, major countries had $billion biological warfare programs. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Western countries funded about $1 billion biological programs in Russia.
    A real threat to these offensive biological warfare programs are scientists and researchers developing counter-measures that would make these weapons useless.

    5. EXCELLENT. When COVID-19 blasted in Wuhan, things didn't make sense.
    – There was a "hot zone" in Wuhan, but NO expected spillover or diffusion to the adjacent 9 Chinese provinces.
    – If one looked at the incidence of COVID-19 around the world, there seemed to be 2 patterns. Groups of countries with very high rates of hospitalization and death, and groups of countries with about 50-fold less.
    It was obvious at the time that there must have been not one but TWO COVID-19s, one very lethal, one weak (possibly an attenuated vaccine strain).
    Then a few months ago, there was the discovery of COVID strains BA.1 and BA.2. The first is very lethal, the second fairly weak. BA.2 did not come from BA.1. These are believed to be two separate strains that came from the very beginning of COVID>

    Steady as she sinks.

  5. They talked about adding the hiv proteins into the vaccine furin site of the virus they created for those vaccines . As an extra .
    I don’t get this scientist . Because no one was dying off in 2019 that they didn’t cause through poor health care outcomes in elderly care etc and use of drugs

  6. 12 base pairs = 4 codons = 4 amino acid insertion. Quite an uncanny random mutation 🤭
    And accidentally the insertion happens to be a cleavage site for a human host proteinase called furin that fits in perfectly with the life cycle of the virus; a unique property of this specific coronavirus and NO other.
    It smacks of laboratory engineering in some respects, particularly when one considers the greater infectivity and virulence conferred upon the virus by said insertion in the absence of any other naturally occurring related viruses sharing the same insertion.
    These events can be a random mutation, naturally selected by the greater replicative success of the virus… But it all seems too good to be merely accidental.
    I smell a cover up and am glad I was able to digest (no proteinase pun intended) this interview. Peterson & Ridley – Bravo Sirs! 🙏🏼✅

  7. Dr. P. Your clinical observation of the spread of tol. sir coupled with a marketing message of fear, manipulation, censorship makes very good sense sir. I enjoy sir how breakdown the the so called mindset of the group that wanted lockdowns etc. Insightful sir into their true moral and subconscious persona. This same group in my view Dr. P will look at A. I. as a way to control a certain type of message. They will fail sir because our inborn desire to be free. Keep up the good work sir.

  8. The process of seeking the truth, in any situation, endeavor, be it good, bad, or indifferent, without preconceived thoughts, imaginations, previously formed thought processes, or “facts”, that initially planted those thoughts or ideas, is the way to the truth. It is the journey of seeking the truth, and the putting away of prior “truths”, that will in itself reveal the truth.

  9. Lab leak, lockdown resistance, anti-vax is simply seen as right wing. Liberals and women think there will be violence against Asian minorities if the Chinese are really blamed. And to be fair there would be a few idiots that push Asian women under a train.

  10. Two very wise men talking about topics I like to agree with.
    What bugs me is why are they both so blind to earpod dangers?

    I guess one of them also believes in LDL correlating cardiovascular risks. Jordan is a carnivore so it might not be him.

    Further more I just wonder what do they know about the possible dangers of dismissing H2O as a culprit instead of the narrative of vital CO2 regarding clobal warming. To me less CO2 makes plant leaves have more respitory openings on their surfaces to get a required minimun concentrations of carbon-di-oxide. This makes them evaporate the water from the soil. I might just be an ignorant carnivore my self seeing a problem in future oxygen levels. Hmmm maybe we will be paying for the air we brathe after all. That is the ultimate business until they put us on chips and to VR.

  11. See, I can tell that the person you’re interviewing is a brilliant scientist. Very empirical. However he is missing a philosophy to ground and give reason to his right opinion in order to transform it into knowledge. All he has are a bunch of enlightenment myths against the church

  12. So nice to see Jordan Peterson tackling this issue. I remember when all this covid madnes was happening and Jordan Peterson was missing from the scene thinking how useful his input could be to the discourse.

  13. This is an echo chamber bulletin:

    The US. politics is a con. It is a divide and conquer tool. A tool intended to control the opinion of the lay people. WEF is trying to consolidate this tool to the rest of western nations. CCP is the model to it and is an open version of them that is no better than the more hidden version aka Deep State in the US. This has been going on at least from the Jekyl Island meeting with banksters of the world.

  14. This Englishman is too reasonable. We are tired of this. We want bright intelligence, like Dr Reiner Fuellmich. A round up of the war criminals like Francis Collins and Peter Danzak and a stop to gain of function research. Will it happen? No because there is no justice system and no free press. And kids are still being sold vaccines.

  15. The Haward professor of Bio Chemistry and the Chinese students caught at LA Gaurdia with Vials of "Organic Material should be investigated thoroughly. Why are people not talking about this anymore ??

  16. Hate to break it to you kids, but the world's governments lie and have their own agenda. Nothing should be a surprise anymore. Wars for oil, 9-11, government Leadership overthrows, media agendas, Manifest Destiny, it's like a cesspool of continuous activity…

  17. JOSHUA Philipp from Epoch Times did a documentary about the origins of the Covid 19 virus when the whole thing started. Mr. Philipp has been doing reporting on CCP and China since 2006 and he had the facts correct from day one. Wonder if Matt Ridley was aware of his work at the time and dismissed if and if so why? Joshua Philipp’s understanding of CCP and China is quite significant and this information could have saved Riley a lot of waisted time listening to Fauci regarding when Ridley was still falling for the bat virus LIE. The Truth has been there from day one for anyone that had the common sense to pick up on the fact that the truth was obvious and the facts were there. This was a bioweapon dropped by an evil communist regime (still not certain if it was intentional or not but certainly could have been) Meaning this could have been an act of war and this potential needed to be treated as such. Anthony Fauci is a very diabolical personality and needs to be treated as such.

  18. The truly dreadful organization is the American democratic party, not the Chinese communists. The communist China is thriving and growing in all senses, unlike the self-proclaimed "bastion of freedom" – the USA.

  19. This might be JBP's most wonderful dialog interview/discussion. Because it pokes holes in his view point, and yet validates his premise; and as a result it strengths both arguments which leads to further discussion. I have enjoyed this dialog immensely. Thank you

  20. Covid is just another test. And we failed.
    Tyranny could have been a thing of the past yet we fall for it's deception time and time again.

    We are chosing the hard way..
    Consequences of our own behaviour..
    The end of a long bloody cycle approaches..
    But we are not there yet… many many things will come to pass as many already have.
    Signs who all went ignored…
    Messengers shot…


    "Fear not…. All shall come to pass… "

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