Viral Video Of MSNBC Host’s Lies

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace developed her skills as a dedicated liar while working in communications for the George Bush administration, and she’s merely honed those talents as a cable news commentator, routinely repeating whatever pile of horsesh*t her contacts in the Deep State pass along to her, from reports of the devastating impact of “Havana Syndrome” to the “mountain” of evidence suggesting that Russia was paying Afghan soldiers bounties for every dead American soldier.

Jimmy and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald discuss the latest Matt Orfalea video detailing Wallace’s steady stream of on-air misrepresentation and duplicity.

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  1. We live in a dynastic oligarchy made up of some 47 super rich kings and some 538 billionaire princes who rule for the most part (and it is getting worse) and own the main stream news media. We should not have kings in a representative democracy.

  2. While trump has personality problems for some… all the horrible things he supposedly did or was doing have all come to pass as false and lies…

    Based on the sh*t show we have now I know I could use some “mean tweets” from the mean orange man right about now… life was better…. Way better! Not perfect, nothing ever will be but damn this country is in a tailspin now

  3. Lying for the establishment is like a skeleton key – it opens many doors in the world of mainstream media. These networks are propaganda outlets – so they aren't looking for professional reporters….they're looking for professional propagandists.

  4. Why is he singling her out? All mainstream news anchors peddled these lies. By fixating solely on Wallace, you're individualizing a systemic issue.

  5. Until this plandemic, I had no idea how dumb and compliant most Americans are. It is sad to see people get their information from propaganda sources. But, they do….

  6. 5th Generation warefare…Psycological warfare on the Truth and Public to manipulate and mfg naratives for concent and thus control money and power

  7. Notice..everything she says is a "subjective" statement and void of facts or detail only her opinion.. notallowing any public critical thinking.

  8. Lincoln Project aledgely is a Private Intelegence Agency, Social media and P.R. firm for hire… creates and promotes naratives for $$$$$ the U.S is full of Private Intel Firms and NGO'S… all doing naughty things for $$$$$#

  9. Why can you not at least link the videos you cover in the goddam description? I'm trying to find the source video from Orf.

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