Viral Video Shows Nurse Vaccination Syringe Was EMPTY, Media IS The Cause Of Vaccine Fearmongering

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  1. There always will be an asshole to distort what people say Tim, even if we weren't at this great divide, that would still be the case. There are people that just jump to the worst possible interpretation always.

  2. If you're vaccinated, and you're protected against infection, then whether the person next to you is, or isn't, is of no concern to you. STFU about whether other people are vaccinated, or not. People who aren't vaccinated can only potentially infect other people who aren't vaccinated. Then you can wag your little finger at them, and arrogantly say, "See? I told you so!".

  3. Tim it appears that there is fluid between the valve and needle feed. Simplest explanation, The individual just got stuck by someone’s used syringe ?! By someone distracted. Never get vaccines or blood work in a dart ? line.

  4. Yeah, who cares about those people having a negative reaction…Bell's Palsy isn't just a pinched nerve that effects the face. It involves stroke like brain behavior, we call it brain damage actually. It can effect a person for their entire lives.
    As the parent of a person that is going to live with brain damage for the rest of their lives, I find your lack of comprehension in regards to the topic at hand, a bit repugnant. There needs to be accountability with vaccines and their creation. This was too fast.

  5. FACT: There has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus before. Scientists have been trying to make one for SARS since 2003, and were unsuccessful. But they whipped one up in 6 months? That fact, along with Bill Gate’s creepy Evil smile when he talks about the vaccine, should give anyone a moment of pause.

  6. Vaccines are to produce antibodies so you can carry the virus when it comes by, but antibodies prevents it from hurting you. Aka the vaccine will make you asymptomatic/SYMPTOMS NEVER OCCUR.. Settlers didn't have symptoms to what they carried, but the natives did because they had no immune defenses developed yet. ITS SIMPLE LOGIC.. Fauci: "You need to wear a mask because there are other asymptomatic infections." < They won't stay asymptomatic with no exposure for too long by sharing AIR!! That is why WEAK people need vaccines EVERY YEAR for seasonal illnesses. MASK = Time between season for ALL they protect you from. Do we have a vax for all of them? NO!!! The weak WILL DIE.. You think covids bad? Imagine people losing immunity to THE ANCIENT PLAGUES THAT KILLED BABYLON.. They're all STILL HERE bound by international TRAVEL..

  7. Hey m****s, there are good vaccines (those that have been made properly after years of research) and there are bad vaccines, liked rushed ones and most of the garbage coming out of big pharma these days.
    Guess which one this is…

  8. The only vaccine I've taken is one that shields me from my mother in law, when she inevitably starts going off on one: It was a gift from Norm Macdonald, and basically entails imagining Roy Orbison fucking!

  9. Strange to me that healthcare workers need to be the first to get the vaccine. Surely most of them would have been exposed (and survived) by now, right?

    I don't know though. I'm no doctor.