Virologist Key In DISCREDITING LAB LEAK Was A ‘Partner’ To EcoHealth Alliance: Emily Kopp

Reporter for U.S. Right to Know, Emily Kopp, breaks down the latest news in virologists’ debate of the lab leak theory.

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  1. must repeal the Bayh-Dole Act. must return liability to the vaccine makers. must have more checks and balances in the arena of science. the conflicts of interest and corruption are at their highest proportions. put fauci and collins in jail to send a message to future scientists who try to game the system.

  2. It's weird to see headlines like this one. Those of us us living in the REAL world have known for over 18 mos. that covid was caused by a lab leak. That we will never get any truth about it out of the government or our "health experts" We have known that we are "on our own" and that all we can do is get back to life, pray for the best, and prepare (as best we can) for the worst. In the future, please, don't get upset when 80% of the country does not listen when you tell us to fear/don't get upset when we refuse to listen to any of your "proclamations". You, the elites, WILL be talking to yourselves. You need to earn trust and THAT will take you, the elites, a long time. If ever.

  3. USAID provided over a million dollars of funding for Gain-of-function research in Wuhan; USAID has repeatedly been used as a front for CIA operations. MKUltra was also covertly funded by a myriad of government agencies. And lastly, the American Eugenics movement was advanced and/or funded by progressive socialites, industrialists, government agencies and the mainstream scientific establishment while its true intentions were hidden from the general public. Why is the US government funding research in communist China that has the very real potential of being weaponized?

  4. I find it so hard to believe that people still need a paper or a journalist to state the obvious to finally believe something. The fact that an engineered super virus appeared in a fish market (they sold no bats btw) across the street from one of the only Biolabs in the whole world that does gain of function research… And nobody sees the obvious. Wow. And the fact the media hasn't done the research into eco health alliance, Fauci and that whole gang who is benefitting from everything while being the ones in charge of investigating themselves.

  5. Good reporting but The Last American Vagabond and Whitney Webb covered this, and more, 2 years ago. I don't think it was an accident at all. Maybe we can discuss this possibility in another 2 years.

  6. I wonder which has had more serious consequences in the last 50 years, nuclear accidents or biological accidents? Do we have the same level of safety concerns for both?

  7. You guys need to re-read Pfauci emails. Kristin Anderson wrote the initial paper observing that parts of the virus appears "engineered". The "leak" supposition was reported in the press, but I would make the leap to "released".

  8. A lab leak for the Corona virus sounded too much like conspiracy theory for many people. But contamination leaves labs with its employees on a pretty consistent basis, since sloppy lack of adherence to safety measures can often happen. The pandemic should have taught research facilities that it is too dangerous to mess with experimentation in growing viruses. But don't hold your breath.

  9. 4:20 "interesting" here was an interesting choice of word. 7:15 and put the guy who wrote the paper in jail for life, right? And also make the lab and those who worked as cumplices pay for their actions and omissions, for the sake of basic credibility of all medic and scientific authorities on the Wokecidente! No? I am not even sure if you should stop researching virus as weapons. What is obvious is that you must take that research from the hands of those people, and make those who do it certain that they will answer for any corruption, lies and ill faith.

  10. Is not enough for Cesar's wife to be honest, mind you. That's a Cesar's wife issue, and has been proved that 'honest' Cesar's wife is not! What remains open for debate is just how seriously dishonest she is. Yet, sun rises and falls, business as usual. No disrespect intended, but I would rater not have a country like yours as the most powerful economic and military nation on Earth beyond that point in time.

    we are intelligent human beings and more cleaver than any computer algorithm so let's start acting like it,
    We are being taken down and exterminated but just by not using certain words we can avoid the censorship, for example, ( my loved one has taken a unknown substance and this is what happened, ),
    Let your videos be seen,
    Do not be silenced,
    Show your videos and let the sleeping world see what carnage is being committed on us and save lives,
    God bless ☀️❣️🌈

  12. This lady is doing an amazing job of exposing the outrightlies and the cover-up and the lying about the cover up of the origins of covid19. I really hope ran and mily keep giving her a platform to help shed light on this

  13. If this was the first disease to be released this woukd be worth debating. Read BITTEN, the story about the Gov's creation of Lymes Disease and look up Chronic Fatigue, and others. Look into secret experiments upon unwitting guinea pigs such as patients in John Hipkins, Tulane etc. Look up Dr Mary's Monkey and her lab where she developed polio vaccine which was contaminated with a soft tissue cancer and injected into children…learn about the development of galloping lung cancer and the lab assissstant to Dr Mary. The assistant was Lee Harvey Oswald. We are living in a sea of lies and deceptions.

  14. Never again, should we allow unelected public health agency mouthpiece's close our country down, mandate masks, jab's, business and school closures. "F"auci and "W"alensky need to arrested and charge with crimes against humanity for the untold deaths and closed business's that occurred due to their utter incompetence. The consequences of their actions will be felt by Americans for generations to come. Disgraceful.

  15. Now you know and I know there's a Target on her back I hope she has 24/7 security God in heaven I pray you bless her and keep her safe in Jesus Christ's name I pray

  16. Too many commenters are rushing to judgement and conclusions for which evidence is still lacking. The hypothesis of a lab leak or accident is still a valid one and must be
    researched impartially and objectively, but we still lack proof that it was the cause of the pandemic….just as we lack proof that the virus originated in and was transferred by
    an animal. Both hypotheses are valid, and work must continue to find it wherever it appears. The conspiracy theories about the government, Wuhan, bioweapons and the Chinese military are just confusing and clouding the issue. Stop believing what your political bias tells you to believe. None of you are scientists and none of you are doing research. We must be vigilant over the scientists and government and demand that they substantiate their claims. And definitely the conflicts of interest as in this case need to be exposed with vigilance. There are undoubtedly honest credible skilled scientists in the NIH and elsewhere, so do not dismiss the agencies outright. We need to hold all scientists accountable,
    without favor or prejudice. And stop emitting these conspiracy theories and other crazy stuff. They make you look like total jerks from outer space.

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