Vitamin D DRASTICALLY Lowers COVID Death Rates – New Study

We had to go all the way to the Irish Times to find it, but a new study of COVID patients reveals that those with insufficient levels of Vitamin D in their systems have a four times higher mortality rate compared to COVID patients who get enough Vitamin D. Which brings to mind the question of why medical experts, virologists and government representatives in the United States haven’t been touting the benefits of Vitamin D, which have been apparent for many months and now are absolutely confirmed?

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the Vitamin D question and why so much attention has been focused on COVID measures like vaccines and masks and virtually none on vitamins.

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  1. They didnt. My father is doctor and he is following some smart doctors world wide. And he is using vitamin d and ivermetin for a long time.
    Main stream media can just be cooky but if you take your time you can find ans learn new and smart stuff. There is a lot of doctorscthat are doing it right.

  2. In the spring of 2020, started taking 5K-10K IU of Vitamin D, no jabs, and never got infected 👍🏽

    Hell, I’ve had one serious cold since 2020!

    I first heard stories and studies from nordic countries and their Black/African populations that spoke to like deficiency.

    Melanated folks require more Vitamin D for immune health. Their studies saw a correlation of increased COVID infection among their Black population due to Vitamin D deficiency.

    Got my dad on and he’s escaped infection too! 🙏🏽

  3. Holy s*** I figured it out I do have white power it's vitamin d. I support white power I go outside I get powered up by white power vitamin d black people can't get my vitamin d they're disadvantaged buy their skin color it's so clear now vitamin d is my white power and my white privilege and the government was trying to steal it from me by keeping me inside racists LOL

  4. I was taking vitamin D since before the pandemic (because I was vitamin D deficient, it was prescribed to me, and so I knew of its benefits), and I slightly upped the dose as soon as the pandemic began. Same thing with vitamin C. I haven't been sick in 5 years. Still haven't had COVID, but then I wash my hands often and do all the other things people should normally do.

  5. this is the natural conclusion when big pharma captures the corporate press and the regulatory agencies that are supposed to police them. Our gov't and media are for sale and there are still so many lemmings who carry water for them, even though they are openly corrupt

  6. Anecdotal for sure… But I started taking Vitamine C/D and Zinc as soon as the whole thing started, and not only I didn't get COVID (ever), but I haven't gotten sick once since 2019… I used to get sick a couple times a year before that. Granted, I didn't get the shot and stopped wearing a mask by 7/19 when I read up on the science (as opposed to "follow" what corporate media tells you the science says) so that's probably part of why I'm so healthy 🤣

  7. Why Why Why did they never tell us about this ?? do they want blacks to die? do they want old folks to die? – Do they want the USELESS EATERs to die?
    Did Cecil Rhoades Leave Billions of dollars from his Gold and Diamond mines in AFRICA,
    to whom ever in the future, did he leave Billions for his Rhoades Scholars, and all kinds of CIA like entities,
    to create Fascist Governments wortld wide to ensure
    Westerrn European Bankers – Rule the world?
    is that why Why Why?

  8. SORRY JIMMY VIT D etc has been know for decades , OOPS maybe not is the USA, but in Australia we were tested for Vit D level from 7 decades ago, it was well known the high level of Vit D mean less illness of any kind. and we had real food from which we could get most ,, and plenty of sun to get it from and not idiot box to stop the sun exposure.
    AND the USA stopped in Australia the sun tanning salons, but they still produced same for snakes, lizard etc.

    SO you want too keep up vit d, ???? ver good suppps, but buy a uvb lamp for the snakes and sit under that for 10 etc mins a day.

  9. But if Faucci told us about vitamin D it would have reduced the media and big pharmaceutical manufacturered panic and they wouldn't have been able to pull off the heist of the millennium

  10. If you look at the treatment protocol that they had in Sweden it was basically like the opposite of what we did here where they did vitamin D zinc and all this other stuff for treatments when here they said there was no treatment.

  11. Veterinarian's combine vitamin D with ivermectin to euthanize horses, okay. If you want protection from covid just get your vaccinations, okay people. Just do as your told.

  12. This was known early from Hong Kong studies. Most Canadian public health did say to keep D and zinc up. But also to cut D supplements once you had the disease.

    A worse omission was that blood clot risk is radically reduced by as little as a glass of red wine or other blood thinning tannins per day. And this was the primary cause of both disease harm and the (much lower) reported vaccine side effects.

  13. 7:31 yes it's quite likely why Americans were not – but people in other countries were – told about Vitamin D. Idiot USAians would hoard vitamin D, overdose on it, not take vaccines or wear masks, and otherwise superspread thinking themselves immune.

    So in the USA this was a legit decision.

  14. In the beginning of the "pandemic" there was an email going around telling you exactly what to do to be healthy. I don't remember everything that was in the email but it mentioned Vitamine D, and plenty of sunshine. Also, there were some nurses posting videos on tick tok with instructions.

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