Viva Sundays! Trump, Lindell, Desantis, Project Veritas, Alex Jones & MORE! Viva & Barnes LIVE!

Too much law stuffs. Too much corruptions. Let’s do this!

Written by Viva Frei


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  1. This lawyer in the Jones trial reminds me of DA Binder's stunts during the Rittenhouse trial. This seems to be the new normal dripping in hate. As far as the vax goes l wish here in USA, that Trump shouldve NEVER put warp speed together. All warp speed did was pull safety rails off that generally happened with long term testing. Now citizens are the lab rats. Only 8 mice were used for this testing.

  2. Project warp speed = Trump 👎
    Among many other things. Trump stinks stop supporting him, he can’t help the US, he will only hurt us and he doesn’t care. If you think he will you are just as blind as the left that hates him.

  3. Viva Frei, I am not an attorney and I don't think you are either in the USA. That is why Barnes comes in to talk legalese.
    Viva you signed a contract to be the face of Rumble, right? Do they tell you what to say, what your neutral opinion is? Wasn't Barnes a part of the AJ craziness? You both make it so hard to believe anything you say. It seems you are a part of stirring up the maga viewers and, once you have accomplished that, you move on to the next subject. I am not a troll or a bot. I would like answers.
    IMO IMO IMO. I want answers. I'm deserving of answers.

  4. When I flip over to rumble – even the next day – Rumble resets the video to the start and does not allow me to forward wind the video. So basically I don’t want to sit through the first 30 minutes again, so have moved on to another content provider.

  5. I deleted a comment on this video to replace it with something unrelated. My heart goes out to all Nova Scotians who were hit by Hurricane Fiona. RobEh lives there, I think, so I hope he is okay. 🙁

  6. I think my rumble account has been deleted? I normally access rumble with my app and I've never had to sign in. Now I can't access rumble with my Gmail? They're directing me to create a new account and yet when I put in my Gmail they say it exists already. Yet I can't sign in using my Gmail? I wonder if Google is trying to get me to watch YouTube? Anyone else have this prob?

  7. Central Park and many of the planning efforts of the US city beautiful movement are IMO one of the most outstanding American achievements. Such an emphatic expression of optimism and democratic goodwill.

  8. Used to really enjoy watching live but this rumble nonsense is killing it. Rumble interface isn’t the best and the inability to rewind live ruins it. Can’t catch anything you missed and watching twice just sucks.

  9. Just wanted to thank you both for shedding light on the Amish farmer. This story is a couple of weeks old and is near my hometown. What you left out was the feds showed up armed, simply on a farmer who grew crops without the disease of the gov being involved. Its all about one thing, the Gov wants the money this guys is making. And it also now is aligned with the feds who show up at a pro life guys house, simply becasue he doesnt want to murder a child. If anyone thinks an election is going to change anything is delusional.

  10. There's little doubt that YouTube's interface is superior to that of Rumble. On the other hand, Rumble doesn't employ an automated HeadMistress bot who sweeps in after the fact and decides that humans aren't permitted to say whatever random thing upsets the overly sensitive children YouTube employs. Thus, this is a vastly more satisfying discussion on Rumble. Sorry, YouTube. You're fired.

  11. I will absolutely never follow on to Rumble. Not a complaint. Just letting you know.

    Reason: i don’t use rumble. I stick to the few apps i use to keep it simple.

    Result: if i feel like I’m only getting a teaser I’m not going to be likely to listen more.

    Background: have been listening to you since pre pandemic when you were just doing vlogs.

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