Vladimir Putin announces conscription for war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced partial mobilisation in Russia, meaning the military reserves will be conscripted to join the war against Ukraine.

Mr Putin said the decree has already been signed and the partial mobilisation will begin today.

The move will likely be viewed by the West as an escalation of tensions.


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  1. Would Russia have invaded if Maidan had not happened, Odessa massacre had not happened, Donbass genocide had not happened, NATO had never been involved? Research Burisma and Hunter Bidens involvement, Ihor Kolomoisky, NATO/US involvement in Ukraine for the last 10 years. Educate yourself (not just on this) because today some of the worlds most accomplished deceivers are working harder than they ever have. You'll have to look deeply to find the truth and (spoiler alert) the MSM will seldom tell you the whole truth.

  2. ” he’s not joking around anymore?”…. he is a total joke. He wants to send a few hundred thousand untrained youth into the jaws of a well trained Ukrainian army. The young Russians will be cannon fodder for the Ukrainian army and their bodies will lie in fields and rot because Russia makes no attempt to repatriate the bodies of the dead Russians. The parents of these young men have a right to be concerned about their children being used in an illegal war.

  3. More than 40,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine, their blood is on Putin's hands. What started out as a 3 month special operation is now a six month war. Putin believed the troops would be welcolmed as liberators by the Ukranian people but they are hated as conquerors. Now 300,000 Russian military reservists are to be sent to Putin's war – how many of them would have volunteered?

  4. Warning: This War and Biological warfare depopulation is uprising of Vatican 🇻🇦 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Satanist and their Coalition members against the Holy God in aim to rule the entire world. Currently you are nothing more than innocent bystanders under Vatican 🇻🇦 laws as Slaves on whose souls they feed own selves… Stand up and free yourselves or prepare for Permanent retirement in Hell… St.Thomas

  5. F THE USA had a real president, he would call call Putin and rather than call him a war criminal he would encourage peace. If you don't have good dialogue this will go on for years and the outcome will not be good especially considering they are good friends with Communist China.

  6. How can anyone support some dude that is willing to draft people barely out of HS to war? For no solid reason other than lust for power?
    We aren't in WW2 fighting a genocidal maniac killing people for their religion or race.
    Things will only get worse if he's pushed back to the borders.

  7. He does make a point that the "West" wants to gain control of other countries- the "West" are the rich elites who envisionage a one world economy. Except they of course will be at the apex of that and "untouchable".
    Even now 10 men own more global wealth than 40% of the global population (3.5 billion).
    They're trying to simultaneously break up the US and European countries by using any means available.
    I am not saying that I in anyway agree with the invasion of Ukraine at all.

  8. Its a Costly LOVE affair for US-UK-EU with Ukraine' !

    Why are large segments of British, German and EU public being sacrificed for Ukraine and USA. ??

    Than you have German Annalena Baerbock said on TV, I will put Ukraine first no matter what my German voters think or say or even demonstrate in our streets.

    Liz truss said on France 24 news. I love Ukraine -till death do us part !.

    I wish liz had the same love for my English brothers and sister !

  9. If I was a Russian Male I would hit the road for points west fast, and tell this butcher to go F himself. When your leader start making his citizens into cannon fodder it's time to revolt.

  10. Just announced that 1 out of 3 Russian uniformed Police officers will be entered into a lottery and the winners will report to military for active duty assignments in Ukraine War effort. Due to there over whelming support of the war, no protests amongst the police have occurred.

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