Vladimir Putin SCOLDS The West For CANCEL CULTURE Assault On J.K. Rowling, Russian Art: Robby Soave

Robby Soave details Vladimir Putin’s invocation of Harry Potter and cancel culture in an attack criticizing the West.

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  1. “Liana is a harmony of flavors”… sounds like something you buy at an ice cream store. Seems they could have described Liana without oddly objectifying her.

  2. She's still RAWRling, jk
    EDIT: Putin has been using Western talking points the whole time, just holding a mirror to the West.
    It doesn't excuse any of his actions, but it should make us think.

  3. I feel sick to see the smug person talk about Putin as worse than USA!! Supporting a genocide is fine, giving weapons and support beheadings of journalists are fine but Putin is so evil! The west would never…🤮🤮

  4. How hypocrite west and west's ideological puppets are!!!
    Here, no one will mention, let alone defend the so called "freedom of speech" after both physical and verbal attack against it.
    They all agree that a person has emotion for his wife. So, one shouldn’t joke about one's wife. Thus, the slap is not surprising.

    But their hypocrisy get revealed when some people being allergic to Islam start ridiculing Islam, start making nasty joke or cartoons about prophet hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ).
    They can't realise the depth of emotions mumins Muslims have about islam, about prophet hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ).
    So, they get surprised!! How can a Muslim slap a Islamophobe doing public vile behaviour agains Islam, against Quran, against prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)!!!
    They, french and other islamophobes can't understand How on earth can Muslims demand harsh punishment against hate speech that mock Islam, Quran, prophet hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ).
    Have you heard what Will Smith demanded? "Keep my wife's name out of your f***ing mouth"
    Hearing this everyone is silent and his demand is fulfilled. No question about "free speech".
    We Muslims have the same demand, "keep Islam, quran, prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) out of your islamophobic mouth, magazine and politics."
    My Muslim brothers and sisters,
    If you demand this, will the same people remain silent? Yet they stayed silent even when they saw both physical and verbal attack from W.Smith against a person who just exercised his so called "free speech"?
    You will definitely see how hypocrite they are.

    These recent days are very revealing. All the hypocrisy of nasty hypocrites are getting exposed. Ukraine reveales the hypocrisy of "non political sports", hypocrisy of millions killer NATO.
    And this event has revealed the hypocrisy of "freedom of speeh"-mask wearing islamophobe west and their oriental islamophobe puppets.

  5. No one in the USA or UK, including JK Rowling has the right to criticize Putin for what he is doing to Ukraine because USA, UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Germany are rich because they invaded other nations and stole resources from them.

    Do you know who has the right to criticize Putin? Slavic, African, Latin American nations, no one else. And guess what Russia has support of half of Latin America because we see him as the one that can smack down USA, UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, back, Russia already smacked down Germany in 1945.

  6. You guys just glazed over the entire context of his message. He wasn’t complaining about getting cancelled(like he cares about that) he was saying that the Russian people and Russian history/art is being cancelled in the west. Reinforcing what he’s been saying for years that the west will always hate the idea of Russia or Russians. Specifically the people, not just the government of Russia. That’s what he was talking about referencing the general cancel culture trend. It’s just we never seen an entire country “cancelled”. Olympic committee banned Russian “special” athletes. How low is that.

  7. Robbie just can't help himself. He will pounce on any opportunity to cover cancel culture, however tortured the connection is. Enough already!

  8. Putin has been discussing the West's "woke" liberal culture take over, he compares it to Russia with the Bolsheviks, and says he refuses to let this happen to Russia. He also says it will be the reason the West will collapse into itself, because the erosion of morality.

  9. Well, you have to be balance in comments. Russia invading Ukraine is not fine, but compared to Russia – how many countries has the U.S. unfavorably invaded? U.S. actually have more invasions than Russia. For instance, take note of many countries it has instigated and invaded in the Middle East.

  10. Robby, you fail to understand the experiences of war torn countries, especially the Soviet Union which lost 20million during World War 2. As an American you’ve never seen the rubbles of a blown up city, you’ve never seen the bullet holes still of the side of a building. Although I was born in Texas, I grew up in Greece where as a kid playing out in the fields, I found a live mortar. I was lucky not to get killed by playing around with this live munition. I found sculls, bullets, etc. Don’t forget that Greece was under US backed military junta from 1967-1974. Your experience in life were sheltered safe and you’re lucky. The Soviets had it bad, I mean terrible. And remember this: The Russian Federation is only 31 years old. They’ve got no experience in a normal democracy. Under Yeltsin it was a disaster. Putin saw a great Power being reduced to nothing Russia was being exploited by us Americans, and he vowed not to let that happen again. You know, had they taken his proposals seriously, none of this would have happened. That’s why you must search why Washington has rejected the scholars, the experts in foreign policy, like John Mearsheimer, Jack Matlock, Stephen Cohen, etc. It’s their job to keep us out of war. Listen to John Mearsheimer about Ukraine and his proposals that ended up in the bin 7 years ago.

  11. Robbie and Ryan, you're doing a great job. Ms. Rawling is entitled to her opinion. The Brits are culturally different and much more outspoken. Look how the Brit media is haunting the black wife of their prince. This is dumb, we should separate the author from the storyline of the book.

  12. Yes Robby the US never jailed anyone for dissenting views have they! They never murdered anyone for opposing the government have they! I'm sure JFK, MLK and many others just ascended to heaven because their life was fulfilled.

  13. The thought that USA and the West have been engaging in a long term form of cancel culture on Russia is oddly believable these days. For a country supposedly championing inclusivity and diversity, they sure seem to find themselves demonizing and exluding other cultures pretty freely.

  14. I'm glad we're talking about the wokemeister/SJW attempt to cancel Rowling. However, Putin is quite possibly the worst person on Earth to make that argument, seeing as his assasins and now military are cancelling human beings lives, along with censoring his own media and citizens to disallow even mentioning the war or protesting against it.

  15. Men designed as men and women designed to be women is a Christian ethic. Ryan’s words of calling Christianity which holds those views homophobic or bigoted is insulting and revealing.

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