Vladimir Putin vs Daniel Andrews – Who’s the tyrant now?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently come out against forcing citizens in Russia to get vaccinated through coercion, particularly through threatening their employment.

“Vaccination is the main weapon against the spread of the virus. Importantly, no one should be forced to get a jab. Pressure, where people may lose their jobs, is even less acceptable. People must be convinced of the need to get the vaccine.”

Let’s compare that to the approach of Australian leaders such as Daniel Andrews, both in language and tone.

Why are western leaders making a mockery of individual freedoms and civil liberties, that are at the heart of the western tradition?

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. The devil is in the detail, everyone needs to be convinced they need the vax?, vlad is evil you won't see it but he will intimidate the citizens to take the jab and you will not hear a word about it corruption is rife.

  2. That's why, as an R.N. and a hospital supervisor, retired now, I refused to work in a hospital setting with mandatory triple vaccine shots, and this was BEFORE the lockdowns. Thus is unconstitutional, therefore illegal and choosing to say NO is a powerful push back against tyranny.

  3. "People die when they get this." perhaps "some people have died when they get this" would be more honest. Oh yes, I know several who definitely are fine. You sir are a liar. How many stressed out elderly ladies are trusting this snake oil salesman for health advice. Lose some weight, work on your posture and stop screwing with your liver. Oh and stop talking nonsense. You are ruining the health, welfare and vibrancy of this once great state.

  4. @August 16th 2021
    AZ Deceased 272 Injury 29,843
    Pfizer Deceased 171 Injury 18,517
    Johnson &Johnson Deceased 19 Injury 303 link Gov site rumble FrankMuffin can't remain info here

  5. People “ die” when they get “this” ??? Moron Dan??? Last I read it’s >98% recovery … gamble that against permanent disability/death from the death shot 🤬 you toxic mason zombie

  6. Oh please stop talking, he's like Beaker from the Muppets, remember him…. ?! So gawdy looking, you know like that character you feel sorry for, but you'd definately not put in charge of a State of a Nation.

  7. He keeps mentioning people die. I get it. But if you get vaccinated YOU CAN STILL PASS IT ON AND CAN STILL DIE. What is wrong with everyone. If I hear another idiot say I'm an elderly hater I'm gonna pull my hair out. Why don't you tell the statistics about suicide on your daily report you lying dog. HOW MANY SUICIDE DEATHS ANDREWS. A lot more than covid isn't it. A LOT MORE. Am I right to say all these people that want lockdowns are selfish and hate the young.

  8. Dont be fooled people
    Here in Israel 95% are full vaccinated, we are getting thousands of new cases and restrictions worse than last year, Sadly we will not be returning to the old normal dont fall for the only way out is vaccination, its all false propaganda.

  9. When we choose to drive to work or the shops, accidents happen and 'people die' sometimes, so should politicians be able to ban driving on a whim (no democratic process whatsoever required), to 'protect people from your choices'? Of course not, because only insane people talk like this.

    Being V'd doesn't prevent spreading of the coof …. this is about power and social control, it's about Davos World (the sh*ttiest theme park ever devised).

  10. Grubs. Every last politician in this country is a grub unless they serve with civil liberties at the top of their priority. Not stripping people of liberties to serve their own purposes.

  11. People make fun of me because I think Putin has good leadership qualities in that he reflects strength, logic and a do not mess with us approach. Not into their whole system for sure sure but maybe some Western leaders can start taking notes on how to appear to the world.

  12. WTF. Comrade Dan needs his head separated from his shoulders. These vaccines aren't a cure & don't make a person immune. Vaccines for the flu aren't mandatory. A vaccinated person can still catch it, transmit it, & die from it. These mandates are unlawful.