Vote for Trump

Don’t let the demoralization shills convince you of jack. Biden is well behind where Clinton was in multiple battleground states.


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  1. They don't need the laptop. The tape from Jan 2018 that shows Joe bragging about extorting Ukraine for the billion dollars is all you need. It's called EXTORTION AND IT'S A SERIOUS CRIME. Is Barr in a coma? Why did Trump appoint Barr and Ray? They are well-known swamp creatures. Mind boggling appointments.

  2. Biden wants the Green New Deal. He can't do any of it without raising taxes on everyone by 1000%. Under Biden everything you have will be taken away and redistributed as reparations.

  3. I really wish my American cousins the best of luck in this election. For the UK the defining vote of our time was Brexit, for you it is clearly getting Trump in to protect US values and the nation itself (and by extension therefore the Western world). He is the only one standing up for the west against traitors, communists and globalist elite sellouts.

  4. 8:00 Yes I remember that. I also remember the shooting incident at fort Hood, Texas 3 years before the Boston Marathon bombing by a military officer named Dr. Nidal Hasan, who is still alive but will face the death penalty for what he did.

  5. I plan to vote in person on November 3rd if for no other reason than I now expect the entire line-up to shift by then ("Trump will run unopposed"), rendering many mail-in ballots null on the Democrat side. The whole "mail thing" is very iffy, overall.

    I actually requested an authorized "Absentee Ballot" from my locality, but now will contact them to find out proper way to bring, turn over but destroy (so it can't be used against me) and vote in person. I actually expect this to be redundant as I don't see Biden making it that far at this point, and too late to substitute anyone, at least on paper ballots. And the left has convinced THEIR tribe that it is DANGEROUS to gather in public, like for voting. Laughing my a$$ off.

  6. I work for a family business. Leftists have no idea how hard it is to be successful in real life and just how fragile a lot of these small businesses are. Another lockdown would fuck the economy. I believe a “very dark winter” is what Biden would call it. Vote Trump.

  7. There is going to be massive voter fraud by mail in ballots.
    Democrats already have a huge lead in mail in ballots but are losing overall on in person voting.

  8. Australia here: curious to why people who voted Democrat 2016 or havent voted for years let alone at all, why have you voted or will vote for Trump?

  9. I forgot about a few days of ppl whining about their tax returns on twiiter blaming trump. Then they realized they were taking more home in their checks. Sometimes, you don't notice and thats why I say take any raises or tax cuts and put it into your retirement. Again, you won't miss it anyway.