‘Voter Fraud’ National Hotline Being Launched by Sheriff to Combat ‘2000 Mules’ Style Activity

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  1. One side wants to make it easier to cheat and the other side wants to maintain election integrity. If you don't know which is which you're either willfully ignorant or in denial.

  2. As we get closer to the ELECTION'S; is Nancy Pelosi, and the Satanic controlled DEMONCRIMINALCRATS going to try to arrest PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP the way they did to Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and Peter Navarro?

  3. Guys, whatever country you are from, take a second to think that the money we spend NOW to prevent another voter fraud again is peanuts compared to the money we'd save if you were to succeed in voting someone in that is FOR the people, Honest and Truthful.

  4. Solution: Election Day, one day only. If you can’t vote on Election Day, too bad. Photo ID required. No early voting, except for military. No mail in. No drop boxes. Paper ballots, hand counted. No electronic machines. Bright purple ink thumbprint on your ballot before you turn it in. That way you can’t go to another precinct and try to vote again. If you’re not in line to vote a poll closing time, too bad. You do these things and we’ll have fair elections.

  5. A patriot with a vote sign stapled to a Louisville slugger would be a good way to intervene, and leave people committing fraud with the evidence to support that they were breaking the law. Just saying.

  6. Once the ballots are in the box, they can't be removed, the damage is done. Last I've heard was that the FBI was the appropriate authority and they don't see a problem. Call me sceptical, but I don't see change coming.

  7. This is all good, but until those mules and their employers are in jail, nothing will change. The American voting system would embarrass North Korea. You need to destroy machines, have honest voter rolls, vote in person with ID and ensure that every election is audited as routine.

  8. We want to know what happened to Karen fan and the evidence her and mark bernavich have also ruby Freeman shay Burns the mother and daughter at the State Farm arena that passed off the voting data USB drive to the young man who was throwing a fit in the place earlier in the day tall skinny black guy dressed in all black

  9. If people don't get locked up and do time, then they will keep stealing election after election. I don't want to even get into how most states shouldn't have even been validated. No one is listening anyway.

  10. How about having more security at the actual box. Biometric and ID scanner, and a simple laser to count the amount of ballots inserted, and it blocks it after limits is reached.

  11. This is one BIG problem that we have here and that’s that we are not educated on our new laws, instead they just put them out there and expect us to know them. Bad for the country, people all people should be educated on them. You must be sure those people watching the vote boxes are not democraps. No tables with tables clothes that reach to the floor, or none at all, no intimidating of vote watchers and if they are that’s vote tampering and the ones doing it should be arrested.

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