#VoterGA update by Liza Miller 08/05/21 ~

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Written by Garland Favorito


  1. Garland Favorito answered a question I had on The Propaganda Report live stream. I asked him if it was legal to keep election usb's in your pocket? He said no, as long as you could prove it had election information on it. Well I asked him this because I do have VIDEO EVIDENCE complete with SOURCE to make it easily verifiable. What I can show is a man that keeps MULTIPLE usb's in his pocket. I can show him pull them out of his pocket and insert them into the machines… he then does some work with the machine and his cell phone…. he leaves the usb in the machine for minutes at a time as he lingers or just walks away… he comes back minutes later and retrieves the usb's and back in his pocket they go.. I can also show him insert 2 usb's into one machine at the same time… I can show so much more then that.. I have Multi runs and "chain of c…" being broken, I have handoffs, one with the LOOKOUT on video as well, with CONTEXT!!! CONTEXT IS KING!! I can show a slow weave of questionable "papers" into the MIX!!! I show many many things and many many people doing these things!!

    I have been trying to get this to Mr. Favorito for a couple months.. I have been trying to get this to the AMERICAN PEOPLE SINCE DECEMBER!!! 2020!!! I have 64 videos… Some with CONTEXT of behavior and back up the rest that HIT HARD with VIDEO EVIDENCE FOR OUR QUESTIONS IN FULTON.. Please reach out to me and help me get this to a man who can take it and get the CCTV FOOTAGE to match up with my timestamps and DO WHAT HE DOES!! GARLAND FAVORITO!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO PATRIOTS!!! I got what you NEED!! -SBW