VTM Bloodlines 2: World of WOKENESS (A Rant)

The new Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines game was announced this weekend… and there are already some BLOOD-red flags…

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Perhaps the upside to all this is that while the SJWs are chained to their desks being the corporate stooges they should have little influence in the dark underworld of the web where pdfs of the good stuff are free to fly every which way. Not to mention unedited used books on amazon and so on, of course. I haven't even played the tabletop game but now I know to avoid any ruleset after 4 if I get the chance. I wonder if a sneak release of the original 5th edition has happened. Or at least what was done of it before someone noticed an SJW controversy they could start.

  2. Hamfisted SJW politics aside, the game looks like complete crap so far. The gameplay demo was horrible, I know the games journalist playing can't play video games, imagine my shock. By the combat and enemy AI actually looked worse than the first bloodlines 15 years ago. Also being pidgeon holed into playing a thin blood is lame. Especially since we got to start off as an 8th generation vampire in the first game.

  3. 'Some might find Rudi's worship of Islam in conflict with his queerness'
    He's a fucking vampire. Do I really have to explain why a VAMPIRE wouldn't worship any variation of God?

  4. 'Of it's time' 'Inclusive' 'Not for them' 'punching up not punching down'
    Nothing about any of that excites me about this game, but, if they keep their bullshit to a minimum, and I get to throw bats at bitches and drain all the O Negative out of randos on the street, I will hold my nose and ignore the smell.

  5. Well, woke commies ARE blood thirsty vampires hellbent on human destruction with a system that reflects their nature. Just swing down to their slam poetry drum circle jerks to witness their cannibalistic feeding frenzy they inflict on each other as thing cling to desparation driven by insecurity and indecision.

  6. Socialists/communists are authoritarian statists, fascists are authoritarian federalists, being that anarchism is an extension of libertarianism, a right wing ideology, how can antifa or any other left wing group have the unmitigated gall to call themselves anti authoritarian, when all they do is fight for the authoritarian establishment?! Smaller to no government, would maximize FREEDOM (which is a right wing view) whilst destroying the government manufactured myth called equality (which is left wing) and the closest equality can come to existing someone coherently, is if it is fostered under FREEDOM, due process, rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, EVIDENCE, not mob rule and court of public opinion. The public is an ass that believes elections will save us, and the politicians are the holes that prevent that option from being a reasonable and thorough solution.

  7. One of the main things Im afraid of with the new wokeness is the lack of most of the elements in play with bloodlines 1. Keujin have been wholly ripped from the tabletop for "offensiveness", sabbat have basically been removed until they can workshop it into a politically correct nightmare, and the anarchs have been turned into the absolute good guys rather than just another shitty option and at best lesser of evils.

  8. Oh they have been Woke years before this, and they know who to pander to and how hardcore to pander. You don't know the half of it, and they do very strict gatekeeping to make sure only the Wokest of the Woke can enjoy the games or be allowed in the fandom. EYEROLL

  9. My whole life I was taught that you never judge a book by it's cover, but why does the writer of VTM look like he bleeds soy milk?

  10. Thank you so much for making a video about this. All I was hearing was hype for this game but nothing about the WOKE of the developers or the fact that the original team isn’t making the second game. This is just like the Last of Us 2 people assume because the first game was good that the second will be good too. Fortunately these woke sjw types can’t keep their mouth shut so we get a heads up about the future game and be cautious about purchasing it. Anyway thanks for making me aware of this I am now much less excited for this game, but that’s better then me not knowing and buying just to have woke trash jammed down my throat.

  11. Lmao, you people are so fucking fragile, so easily offended. It's hilarious.

    Is this like all you have? Just an obsession over video games and a hatred of any minority or nuanced discussion? Pathetic.

  12. So…They just fired the lead story-writer and creative director.

    Fuck me, he was right. It sounds a lot like TLOU2 where they have someone write the bulk of the story, and then a woke consultant or crony butchers the material into a woke mess.

  13. Curious what you think about Mitsoda and the other guy being fired. Waiting to hear from some other source since both parties we've seen statements from are biased in their own favor. Casualties of a clash of intersectionality? One party thought the wokeness was going too far or not far enough?

  14. Cut to 8/21/2020
    Both the Creative Director and the Lead Narrative have been fired. Oh and the game has been pushed back to sometime in 2021.

    This video has not aged well.

  15. Well, they just fired the creative director and seem to be going through the story with a scapel. Maybe all these companies going woke and broke taught them it wasn't a good business strategy?

  16. Loved the pc game Vampire: the Masquerade. Didnt get the opportunity to play 1st bloodlines, but my friend who passed played it a bit outside her WoW addiction. This woke crap needs to be penciled in for a visit from the angel of death.