Wages Continues Backwards In Real Terms!

Australian wage growth missed economists’ expectations in the June quarter of 2022 according to data from the ABS today which reveals weak wages growth, below inflation thus underscoring we are in real terms going backwards. Growth in wages was a little stronger in the private sector, and in some specific industries, but many are well below the average.

There is no wage-price spiral in Australia, despite the nation’s low unemployment rate. And with the Albanese Government about to open the immigration flood gates, wage growth will likely fail to launch.

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  1. What wages? when you have been fired for not taking part in the worlds biggest human trial. Some have even committed suicide but that seems to be ok.
    At least you keep warning people Martin that's good.

  2. I know multi millionaires that are not happy , enough will never be enough , So as long as you are happy and afford what you need in life , what more do you need!

  3. I'm expecting deflation fairly soon. Apart from asset cost inflation due to QE the other causes of inflation really are temporary. When they stop prices should go backwards. While we're waiting for that I'm glad interest rates are finally giving some return to people with money in their bank accounts and home prices are coming down.

  4. Wages aren’t going backwards!!!!!!
    Why is there a need for immigration?
    Why is property booming in WA?
    Why are banks in WA back logged with property loan applications and conveyancers being run off their feet in WA?
    Life is great in WA!!!!!

  5. I have a feeling the enterprise bargaining at my company early next year will be draw out and ugly.
    The company has had a hell of a lot of trouble getting and keeping workers so maybe they will fold to demands.
    I don't think the union will accelt less than 5%

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