Waifu banned in the Outback! Australia SLAMS anime and manga with puritan restrictions!

Australia just made it harder to import certain anime! Also, NPC media is covering up for Marvel and DC Comics again, using manga to mask bad sales!

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Dogman is like Diary of a Wimpy kid. Elementary age boys read it mostly. It's black and white, simply animated stories that run about 100 or 200 pages.

  2. Yet their Politicans have Child pron on their hardrives, and they refuse to really do anything about it (except rub it off as Blackmail)? Golly jee, it sure sucks for the weaponized autist to take over Australian parliament

  3. Manga wil rule the world. Yes yes we’ll ban the genre that has been underground fan trans for decades , that’ll work what with the internet and vpn and all other things.

  4. Not shocking. Still remember the one representative in Australia who was forced to get rid of his figurine collection. In essence though some in politics share our opinion they have little to zero power. Though if I recall the guy decided to switch it with big Trump cut outs to just infuriate those that forced him to get rid of his stuff.

    Not to support Trump obviously given he is a Australian Rep, but to piss the ones that screwed him. Since many going after Japanese media seem to have a bad case of TDS.

  5. Lol, dont they know japan otakus already literally import foreign subbed hentai back into japan so they can watch their own hentai without censors? This is not going to do anything. People can already download hentai for free, and for those who want physical copy, they will import illegally.