Wait… Did They Just Admit That?

As a viral video last week showed college students in Chicago challenging journalists over the Hunter Biden business dealings, and more revelations around Russiagate come to light, why are the mainstream media not responding to the growing lack of trust in their narratives?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. International corruption like we’ve always known this President Douche bag is involved in, he thought he could have his son do all the deals and then take 10% for that son to dad connection. It’s obvious and blatant, they are saying F U ck you you can’t do anything about it.

  2. The arrogant and biased response from the woman representing The Atlantic openly displays her involvement in the Hunter Biden Laptop Corruption scandal, or her clear lack of ability to represent any publication with an iota of ethics and morality. These people are sick.

  3. 1) thank you so much for watering your plant. 🌱

    2) I found it offensive that Applebaum assumed that certain information she found irrelevant or boring had no relevance to the rest of us, and that her Opinion of such matters dictated whether or not to validate or release such information.

    As a "female black southerner", I have always noticed a certain bias in the news and the suppression of certain kinds of stories, but not until the Trump era, where opinion is taken as fact, where pretend stories and rumors are promulgated as news, where main stream opinion and narrative dictates what's relevant, had it been so obvious. And the shame is how few realize it. Even now.

    3) I think you wave your arms around like that because you need hugs. (🤗) I hope you get enough hugs. You deserve hugs.

  4. I am conservative. I voted for Trump in 2016. When they started the Russia investigation into Trump I said if he did in fact work with Russia to get into office they need to come down on him hard and remove him. My current issue is that they will not even entertain the possibility Joe is tied to Hunters Laptop. Do the investigation and let the chips lay where they fall. If he is innocent its all good, If not they need to remove him from office and come down hard on him.

  5. Fall of the cabal sequel episode 22 ☮️♥️ tavistock institute of science 🧬 statistics office numbersmodazolam. Not just the media Dr John Coalman committee of 300 🏴run the world 🦎

  6. That is why Trump filled a Civil RICO Lawsuit, if he wins, not only will she have to pay, but could also be charged criminally, Rico = 20 years minimum

  7. Russell, you’re the man. I like you regardless of what direction you vote but it’s so clear that the left is very corrupt. Hope you vote for the lesser of two evils on the right. The right isn’t perfect but at least facts are still accepted as truths on the right.

  8. As long as we're all kept compliant and docile using a combination of saccharine distraction and background anxiety the corporates will continue to win. I think the only way out of this mess is a campaign of mass civil disobedience and withdrawal of financial support. Perhaps the rise of psychedelics hold the key to our next stage of evolution.

  9. The female person on the stage said the Hunter laptop was uninteresting, and she said it with a straight face. That was the most hubris I have seen from a reporter to date. Hear this you arrogant, unprofessional and extraordinarily self-important woman who thinks your bias and opinion is the guide star for what you should cover as a journalist: You are an utter embarrassment to yourself, your employers and every citizen of the United States.

  10. I love that people still think there's a difference between Republicans and Democrats. If I came up to you and told you I was going to beat you up and gave you the option of which hand I'd use, left or right…. would it really matter? You're still getting your ass kicked! lol The entire system is crap, just like you said! I love it.

  11. It's ironic that these are the types that will talk about history repeating itself all the time but then they will act just like Marie Antionette and totally fail to make the connection…

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