#WalkAway Why I’m no longer a democrat

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Written by Sidni Standard


  1. Glad to hear you want to take advantage of your God-given rights! That’s wonderful! Maybe you can stay close to Candace Owens and work with her using your economics degree to help our country! Amen sis!

  2. I wouldn't say I'm a conservative, but more of a classical libertarian (that's different than a modern libertarian). From my middle of the aisle vantage point, I see the democrats painting all republicans with a broad racist brush when the difference in ideology is supposed to be what role the government should play in your daily life. 'Seems to me like the democrats are hijacking a whole subset of society by telling them they are a victims to be pitied instead of empowering them and honoring their contributions.

  3. there are good and bad guys on both sides. most rich people have ulterior motives and agendas.
    you gone too far if you are either far left or far right.

  4. cant vote yet but in 2016 i wanted hillary i thought she was good when i started 6th grade i realized that trump was a good prez and was doing great things helping our economy defeating isis making a border now i am a republican the democrats are communist and that will never work out yang had my vote but if candence owens runs she has my vote hoplefully she does in 4 years after Mr trump

  5. I feel like democrats have “ slave mentality “ but the thing is I also dislike Trump , I agree with the republican view of “ it doesn’t matter who you are as long as you work hard”

  6. Very few democrats are communist

    Very few democrats are social justice warriors

    Very few republicans are authoritarians

    Very few republicans are racist

    From what I have seen…….

  7. you fucks, none of you is either democrat nor republican, youre vessels and "your" ideas and thoughts are not your own, wake the fuck up to this binary system that is made to divide you and cause a civil war as distraction from the real problems.
    you are people – INDIVIDUALS – not a political party – this shit aint a party – this is reality bitch.
    i love you all.

  8. I'm not american and I am not political at all but watching from afar I am seeing history repeat itself yet again. If the brakes are not put on america is going to spiral into a place that is horrific.
    I am glad you broke free of the political indoctrination but please keep your mind focused and free and not slide too deep into the opposite camp because that place is just as horrific.
    There are troubled times ahead and individual struggles for self determination are paramount.
    Do not adhere to a pendulum.

  9. All democrats are Marxists? Really??

    Two of the candidates who contested the Democratic Primary (Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer) are billionaires. Are they too Marxist?

  10. Wait your time frame doesn't add up. You were a freshman when Hillary lost in 2016, but you have been out of college for 3 years as of 2020? Unless you quit college and didn't graduate?