Wall Street CEO RESIGNS Over Epstein Lies, Coverup | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar provide the details on the most recent wall street CEO discovered to have lied about having deep connections with serial pedophile and sexual abuser Jeffrey Epstein

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Written by Breaking Points


  1. The public deserves names and accountability. The fact that Epstein and Maxwell are/were the only 2 people behind bars over years and decades of child abuse and exploitation is almost as disturbing as the crimes itself.

    The rich and famous are not above the law!

  2. You are idiots… Epstein was a dark finance genius. He was only 24 years old when, at Bears Stearns, his clients included Adnan Khashoggi & he assisted in setting up Iran-Contra financing.
    STOP covering up the truth about this story.
    Epstein's main services to the billionaire class was FINANCE, not sex blackmail.
    Your coverage of this story is amateurish.

  3. Idk man what’s the risk assessment on this guy? Let’s do a cost benefit analysis. There’s a 10% chance I could be implicated by his crimes but I could also make $100B 😬 alright let’s do it!

  4. Until they go to jail, Rich elites will give up jobs easily and without much argument bc they have already made enough money to keep them in finery for life.

  5. Epstein was the tool not the hand wielding it. We'll never know who really was in control of this, we'll only know of the few users of Epstein and the few people who benefitted from knowing Epstein.

  6. In an alternate universe Epstein is still alive and him and bill clinton are on his island doing karaoke screaming “I’m an Island boy”!!!!!!!!!!

  7. UH, sorry Krystal, what it suggests to me is that all these rich, powerful & or well connected people are also evil sicko villains. Strategy to protect himself? sure, but he was feeding the REAL monsters & that gave him all the blackmail/incentives he thouht he'd ever need. You appear to be taking an impluasably KIND read of events for the elite.

  8. I just have to keep reminding myself that Alex Jones was talking about this ten years ago and the US media either ignored it or called it a "conspiracy theory." Jones was deplatformed and the US media are still at it…