Wall Street Elite’s Manipulation Is FAILING And Exposed The Corrupt Rigged System Is Collapsing

Wall Street Elite’s Manipulation Is FAILING And Exposed The Corrupt Rigged System Is Collapsing. Attempts to manipulate markets resulted in an even bigger backlash and the machine is desperate now to distract you.

Bickering about culture war issues and democrats and republicans are wasting our time.

The establishment elites are panicking over the idea that the left and right are unified in their outrage over hedge funds manipulating the markets.

In an attempt to control the system Wall Street colluded with big tech to block retail investors and as of today we can see it failed. Already these funds are doubling down and reports are emerging that they are attempting to short even more hoping to make money off retail investors

They think they can outlast you.

But the whole charade has exposed the corrupt crony system for what it is and they are desperate to reset the narrative.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Never forget people, those who restrict and manipulate the market, those who cover and publish outright lies in the media, politicians that do the bidding of both while getting illegal gains under the table, when things dont change and the machine turns against you, ALL of the people previously mentioned have names and addresses.

  2. The culture wars are a product of prosperity and the restructuring of the system and corporate America will happen when times are bad. Good times promote complacency and distraction, bad time provoke kayos and anarchy.

  3. YouTube can't handle the truth YouTube can't handle Free Speech the United States government is corrupt there is no fixing the corrupt gangster regime of the United States