Wall Street Strikes Back! Rules for Thee Not for Me, Say Nasdaq, Robinhood, and TD Ameritrade


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  1. Just on the off chance that these Hedge Funds being predominantly funded by business 401k plans and Pension plans for people that spent their entire lives building on, who's the real loser in this farce?

  2. When you buy a stock your losses are limited to it going to zero. When you borrow someone else's stock and sell it short, your losses are actually unlimited. Very few people make money shorting stocks, and they certainly don't give any inside information because they would lose their edge. There's nothing wrong with shorting or running a hedge fund, but there is certainly something wrong with them trying to change the rules of the game once the reddit crowd figures out there's very few shares floating around, and buying them up to force covering.

  3. LOL…yah…..a friend had an order in for stock, then they dropped it, when they brought it back his order went through, he got the purchase at the old price so he is WAY ahead….

  4. The Robinhood app has a message now about the "volatility". They state their mission is to "democratize" the market. Well, I don't know if I like them apples. Let's see how they taste on the moon.

  5. Wall Street has actively been pushing for ordinary people to buy, trade, sell .. now when we do exactly that; they change their tune & will seek to stop open trading. ??????

  6. As much as I like a good joke, I'd never want anyone to put money into Gamestop, something that should have died decades ago already. Remember when they gave you store credit vouchers, whilst selling your secondhand copy for a pretty insane price to anyone foolish enough to buy? Often with zero guarantee, manual booklets removed or even scratched DVDs of course. Or how about ancient games pretty much never getting a discount? Artificial pre-order sales pushing or even asking MONEY to secure a pre-order copy? Or how about when they gave your pre-order copy to someone else anyway? Nah, sorry, I got ZERO sympathy for Gamestop even when I probably dislike hedge funds more.

  7. Proving yet again that the system has been corrupted and altered to benefit the rich & elites.
    We are nothing but cattle to these people…and they want us penned in & caged right next to the slaughterhouse.

  8. Lefies will never get it. They're too obessed over profits, not realizing that profits come and go. In the world of government regulation and redistribution, one man's profit is another mans loss.
    The reality is the only thing regulators care about is restricting access to the market – which WSB is trying to reveal.

    tl;dr Lefties will still use rules for thee, but not for me.

  9. Most brokers literally prevented you from buying GME today, thus causing the price to crash as you could only sell. One rule for them, one rule for us. The little guy is NOT ALLOWED to win

  10. Buy UNI (Uniswap). It is the crypto coin of a decentralized exchange (maybe an alpha in the grand scheme of things) where this hedge fund crap could not exist.