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  1. Only the apathetic would say, "that could NEVER happen HERE!" I must live a VERY sheltered life. I had never heard of the "Island Boys" until just recently. Then you take a look at the top trending trashy propaganda videos playing on this platform and see the massive view counts….it just makes you take a step back and marvel at the power of how propaganda can shape and mold the minds of the unthinking masses. The cliche is true: If you don't control your mind, someone else is more than willing to control it for you. Don't forget to subscribe to me here on YT at: Here's the Deal. Peace.

  2. Look at the citizens of foreign lands the US/ UK have "saved" from their tyrannical leaders. They are all so greatful of their saviours . They would all rather a life in squalor and living in the rubble of what used to be their homes that these great western nations left them by "saving" them..

  3. Omicron is very mild. No one has ever been hospitalized from it. The symptoms are sore muscles and exhaustion. Basically the same symptoms as a hard day's work. Which is probably why the liberals are terrified of it.

  4. This is a crime. I'm just hoping that there are enough people who are vax'd that recognize it and start fighting back and boycotting consumerism in general. Watching crimes against humanity Fauci talk…they've got there claws sunk in and they know it. They are taking more and more control in every area seemingly every day now. We are here…and too divided and lost to do anything about it with the ignorant masses leading the way.

  5. If I WORKED HERE and the GOVERNMENT ooooooff aaaaall ppl told me THIS was the new rule I would JUUUUUST ignore them…… WHO the eff are they to tell YOU what to do……..god it's so ridiculous too see these ppl getting paid a shit wage bc of government and then turn around and suckle on the government teet like yes master I WILL comply , YOU ARE my master, I WILL do WHATEVER you tell me…………….. I would tell my boss if I worked here, YOU DON'T pay me enough to run around policing ppl, wether or NOT they are vaccinated is their OWN BUSINESS NOT mine.

  6. Its the corporations that are doing this with the backing of the Government.
    We are allowing the Corporations to get away with it because we want their stuff instead of making a stand against them.

  7. Anybody notice Fauci has NEVER ONCE held up any documents showing us the science? He just tells us what it is and people blindly follow what he says. We should demand he shows us the science! Dumb it down for us simpletons and walk us through it

  8. Super power's mandate from the men & women who are in control.
    👆 Criminals👆
    👇The answer👇
    humanity needs to neighbor up nationwide and support eachother and send a msg to these tyrents that humanity is going to dishonor the root to all evil and humanity is going to help eachother pay it with kindness !!
    We know here that this is an evil crime against humanity. With kindness humanity takes back control without using violence.
    Humanity needs to talk about the machanics of using kindness as we neighbor up, we have to have self control and not be gluttons of our neighbors kindness as we all move around the nation as a normal society again.
    These evil criminals just use us and have always tried humanity against it's self in order to keep control over humanity.

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