WaPo, CNN Go Scorched Earth Over Hunter Laptop; CIA Officer Brags About Defeating Trump With Letter

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  1. Martha Stewart went to jail for MUCH less!!!

    If the fines were 100's of millions like they deserve, it would get their attention. Until then, these dems will continue to break the law and pay the tiny tax that goes with it.

  2. The future of America? Well, the recent past of America shows that the United States has fallen to the level of South American dictatorships. Political opponents of the party in power end up "disappeared" in local jails. Their family cannot find out where they are, or when they will be released. Political office goes to the highest bidder, thanks to big tech and big media. The media is controlled by the party in power. Now they are vaccinating dissidents against their will. What a shame our "experiment" in government by the people has ended.

  3. Hillary Clinton should have to pay $100million.
    Hillary's attorneys should loose their license to practice law.
    The People(FBI) who helped should be prosecuted and be fired.
    Joe Biden and his administration is pathetic.

  4. Anytime the word "salacious" is used to describe actions taken, there should be no question as to intention
    Also, "guise", hoax, corruption, and un- American….
    Ah, egregious, "former" intelligence officials, …
    May the Holy Spirit have full sway as men's hearts are drawn to repentance.

  5. The CIA operative is full of himself. He did not do anything; the election was stolen. Americans are smarter than bigtech, the legacy media and the American intelligence services.

  6. we will also have to start investigating the FBI and the CIA, it's all their fault because they hide the vices of the Clintons, Obama! It's starting to do well, they are still unpunished

  7. !!! Born Physically.Born Spiritually…

    R u BORN-AGAIN ???
    ANTIDOTE: To 4Horses/Curses/Forces in Book of Revelation/Apocalypse


  8. Will something happen to the CIA officer for assisting a cover up with Communist China influences in the corrupt Biden administration…basically the Hunter laptop proves that not just the Biden family but also the CIA are Communist China's bitches

  9. Sorry, but this interview misses all the prompts to this confrontation. Violation of the Minsk agreement and largely triggered by NATO. Then there's the biolabs that were a threat to Russia and the surrounding area. Unlike this Potato head posing as a president who has failed to protect America. Zelensky is a D.S. puppet…how is it not commented on by this guy.

  10. The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and other publications must be scrambling with frustration that the Epoch Times scoops EVERY MAJOR STORY! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GO FOR WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON!

  11. Its time for the regular Americans on the right start having massive "protests" demanding that these treasonous politicians and their criminal conspirators be charged, prosecuted and then jailed for their crimes!

  12. They don't care anymore about this information coming out now as Biden has already done and is still doing all that was asked of him the slime ball go wreck American "god bless her"and new we here from his master's the new word government makes me die in side

  13. They are only admitting the laptop is real after Biden is no longer useful and has become a liability, so they don't want him to run again. Plus there's a legitimate criminal investigation into hunter, and it is too obvious the laptop is authentic for them to deny it

  14. More of the same NeoCon talking points from Lord. Really really bad analysis. The whole reason we're in this mess is because Putin saw NATO as becoming more hostile and aggressive. At the end of the cold war there were 17 NATO countries. Now there are 30. For Putin, this has nothing whatsoever to do with Russian expansion as Lord puts it, and everything to do with NATO expansion.

  15. This woman was the very cause of a 2 year long, MULTI-MILLION $$$, U.S. taxpayer funded so-called "Mueller Investigation" (which was a HOAX, also!!), NOT to mention the YEARS of investigation of Hillary Clintons now documented FEDERAL crimes, and ALL she gets is a FREAKIN' INEXPENSIVE slap on the wrist FINE!! THIS IS TOTAL BS!!

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