WAPO Finally ADMITS Hunter Biden Laptop REAL. CNN: The President’s Son Could Be INDICTED

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss The Washington Post’s newfound interest in Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

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  1. You claim you a journalist why don't you go and find out if the big guy is Alzheimers Joe we all know it is why don't you ask his press secretary to ask him one day

  2. Honestly, I really do enjoy the inciteful analysis we get from the Hill on the issues you choose to cover. I enjoy the caustic humor as well. You are my go to people for News. However, I wonder at times if equal coverage is given to both sides? I mean you mention Jared Kushner, "Shaking down the Sheiks," and DT doing business with the same people as HB. but I don't ever notice in depth stories about the other side. You broadcast CPAC without any analysis and only give casual mention of the Jan 6 hearings. You mention the buffoonery of some of the Rep. Congress people, but don't often cover that in depth either. I wonder, am I wrong about this?

  3. Our American popular media companies , are up for sale to the highest bidder for their propaganda output.
    The climate now is worst than early post 911. Nothing is fact checked the alphabet media simply spew a pre agreed among narrative for their masters.

  4. "Joshua James, one of the 11 Oath Keepers militia affiliates indicted earlier this year on a charge of seditious conspiracy alongside the group’s founder, Stewart Rhodes, on Wednesday became the first person to plead guilty to the sedition-related charge in connection with the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021."

  5. The Intercept still isn't covering this. What a shock. They owe Glenn a serious apology.
    More importantly, they need to decide whether they want to salvage their credibility or just be partisan hacks.

  6. The media previously said that it wasn’t clear whether the laptop and its ambiguous emails really belonged to Hunter. Now we think it was owned by Hunter. But that doesn’t mean that the emails prove anything improper happened. The ambiguity of the meaning of the emails is still exactly the same. A man not named Biden proposed that the “big guy” get 20% ownership of a proposed company. So what? And the documents creating that firm, public records in Delaware, show the “big guy” was not issued ownership in the firm. What impropriety does that prove? None.

  7. Meanwhile, Brit papers are lying even More. The Guardian just said "US biolabs in Ukraine" is a conspiracy theory and Russian propaganda, when I literally watched Victoria Nuland say we did have biolabs there, on video, in front of Congress. They now want you to believe their lies against the evidence of your own eyes. They even want Facebook to suppress it. This is not only Orwellian, evil, and insane – it is actually frightening. MSM newspapers are viewed a lot more than a Congressional hearing, so a huge number of people will buy this Total Lie. It's enraging and disgusting.

  8. So as its Biden that is corrupt they will make excuses, but if it was a Republican they would be all over it 24/7. These two guys are not exactly neutral on their reporting. Think the Hill is too far left for me to take anything they say seriously. This show is sounding like CNN and MSNBC.

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