WaPo Says Postal Worker RECANTED Statement About Voter Fraud, He Did NOT, It’s A CRAZY Story

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest and journalist Michael Tracey (@MTracey on Twitter) discuss the recent incident of the Washington Post saying that a postal worker recanted a story of voter fraud: The postal worker says he did not. Who’s telling the truth? Luckily Project Veritas interviewed the worker for a clearer picture of what actually happened.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Fraud is the wrong discussion. The first question is correctness. We already have one Michigan county with a 37.5% flip (6000 out of about 16000 votes). Why should we trust any of this computerized voting? (And I say that as a professional software developer.)

  2. Your sidekick is an idiot…lol
    284 sworn statements are in the PA lawsuit so im going to need him to catch up.
    Then, 3 Dominion employees are about to be made witnesses….. Sooooo….
    Until he reads up, he shouldn't speak bc he obviously hasn't read anything besides NYT.

  3. YouTube is absolutely TRASH I’ve tried 5 devices all with perfect internet access…..550mb download and 50mb upload speed……and none of my devices can load or play this video?! ??? YouTube is completely biased! They are purposely slowing your channel down!

  4. I've trolled journalists with fake credentials. If they had have taken 20 seconds to really look at it they would have seen through it, but when they've got a vandetta you can pretty much tell them exactly what they want to hear and they'll print it.